Why Quality Content Is Important For SEO

People often talk about content and SEO as if they were two separate marketing tools, but the truth is they overlap. There is no such thing as SEO without content, and you can’t have good online content without SEO. They need to coexist to exist at all.

SEO is more technical, while content marketing is broader and more holistic.  Together, they work to attract customers and spread brand awareness.

Here are 5 reasons why quality content is important for SEO.

People Understand the Message

The whole point of SEO is to attract people and then convert them into customers. You want to share your service or product in a relatable format that is both engaging and digestible.

Well written content is the key to getting your message across. Every blog post has something it wants to say, but if a piece is poorly written, the meaning could be lost in translation.  Check spelling, sources and the overall presentation.

Lower Bounce Rate

Give people content they want to spend their time reading. A well thought out blog post will increase the chances of your customer staying on your website. This will result in lower bounce rates, resulting in better rankings on search engines.

Build Trust and Loyalty

People can be quite shrewd when it comes to online content. They already know you’re trying to sell them something, so it all depends on how well you pull their strings.

A blog post that reads well will look more professional, and therefore the reader is more likely to believe the business’ legitimacy. Check for grammatical errors and anything else that might make your content look less professional.

More Social Media Attention

Quality content is more likely to be shared on social media, or over coffee via word of mouth. People don’t share just any old content. It’s got to be good enough to be stamped on their online identity, and interesting enough to be shared with their friends.

Social media talks fast, so if your blog post is shared on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media channel, that’s a big SEO success!

More Link Backs

SEO needs links, and the best way to get these is to publish original, captivating content that people will link to. Creating quality content worth linking to is the key to continual SEO success.

Quality content is important for SEO, and SEO  makes content relevant. When the two work in harmony, you’ve got the potential to grow larger.

Rachel Matela

Rachel is a Filipino Kiwi with a passion for the arts. Having graduated with an Arts Degree in English from UoA, she found writing work at PureSEO as a Junior Copywriter and quickly moved on to the role of Editor. In her spare time, she reads Austen and teaches dance classes in the weekend.

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