Google Partners Summit 2018

Last week was a cornerstone event in the world of Auckland SEO,  the Annual Google Partners Summit – known previously as the Google Masterclass. The event was held Friday 31st of August on the Auckland waterfront, and featured several talks full of valuable insight into updated Google Ads tools, new trends, and the future of digital.

A.I. is For Everyone

The first presentation at the Google Partners Summit focused on Google’s work and future plans surrounding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Some time was spent on differentiating these concepts – Artificial Intelligence was described as ‘the science of making things smart,’ and Machine Learning was outlined to be about ‘making machines that can learn to be smarter.’

Matthew Davison, Operations Lead of Google New Zealand, encouraged the audience to participate in Google’s progress by downloading the Crowdsource app, which improves the quality of translations across multiple Google platforms by drawing on the knowledge of their audience.

Simpler Experiences, Better Results

Another talk, given by Dave Booth, Founding and Senior Partner of Cardinal Path, covered a number of changes to the current suite of Google Ads tools.

In an effort to streamline and simplify the Google Adwords platform, Google has collapsed many services into three – Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager.

Booth went on to explain the ways automation is helping optimize the Google Ads platform, and why leaning into using automated tools is the path forward for digital marketing. He highlighted this point by covering the automated optimization score and recommendations page in the new Google Ads dashboard.

The Importance of Page Speed

A common theme through the event was the growing importance of page speed in search engine optimization. Booth made clear during his talk that the data suggests a page that takes longer than two seconds to load suffers from a lower conversion rate. As Google has continued to explain, mobile users now form the majority of all users online, making mobile load speed a priority for optimizing sites to improve traffic and conversion. The Google Mobile Site Speed Tool was recommended as a way to show the clients the direct impact speed can have on revenue.

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