AdWords Tweak To Give Landing Page Quality Higher Weighting

The world’s top search engine, Google, announced this week that they have completed testing on a new tweak to their AdWords program. They plan to roll out the new algorithm over the next couple of weeks, changing the way they calculate the AdWords Quality Score. They have reportedly designed this change to give more credit to landing pages that are highly relevant to their keywords.

Google has always emphasized the importance of creating ads and landing pages that are relevant to the needs of searchers. They have penalized low quality landing pages in the past, but now they will be giving credit to better quality landing pages that they feel provide the best experience for searchers.

Score Board

In coming weeks, Google AdWords will be looking at each landing page and assigning it a value for searchers. It will use this value to add to the ad’s Quality Score. Those ads that receive higher quality scores will get higher page placement at a lower bid price than less desirable pages.

Google views this as an opportunity to reward advertisers who provide the best experience for searchers. By elevating those ads that lead to useful content tied to the searchers’ needs, Google will continue to prove it is a company committed to providing searchers with the best results.

AdWords advertisers are cautioned to expect some movement in position, Quality Score, and pricing until a new equilibrium is reached in a few weeks. As always, the recommendation is to provide quality landing pages with content consistent with the ad keywords.

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