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By now, it is a well-known fact that the digital universe has as tightly clenched fist around our society. It has even been recorded that 13% of UK teens have actually been injured from texting and walking. From smart phones to laptops people are captivated by this so-called ‘digital revolution’ and it has become a prominent source of information and communication.

Smart businesses that are looking to market their products and services to potential new clients are now able to focus their adverting budget on nicely refined target audiences. Statistics show that 76% of searchers on Google are in the purchase cycle, meaning consumers are more apt to receive your advertisement with an open mind.

Google’s reach is truly astounding and with a well created AdWords campaign, companies are able to hone in on online searchers who are already interested in what they have to offer. It’s like having the ability to advertise a new DVD release on a billboard located on a road you that you know every passing car is on their way to the movie store.

Technology is being embraced now more than ever and online advertising platforms are extremely user friendly. Google AdWords has the ability to perform split testing to check which ad variation suits your target best. You can run a campaign experiment for about a month to generate realistic results you can draw from to monitor the reach and impact of your campaign.

Statistics show you need to see a banner ad 7-10 times before it’s actually noticed and procured, so be sure to give it time to work.

Also, don’t forget to think about the click through rates (CTR) versus the conversion rates (CR) when making a campaign. Your advisement may be getting a lot of initial clicks and attention but it is important you focus on how many conversions you are actually pulling from the ad. It may be that you have to slightly modify your advert in order to tailor it to a more specific audience who is interested in investing in what you have to offer.




It’s no secret that your business will get attention if it hits the number one spot in Google’s organic search results for a relevant term. Something that is highly overlooked though is the potential of landing the fourth or fifth spot. Depending on your company and service it could cost less and give you solid positive results. Consider what your most profitable spot is and refine your keyword bids, phrase matches, negative keywords etc. to achieve your ideal placement.


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Technology is constantly progressing and creating new opportunities for businesses. Now more than ever, people are searching on the go; meaning location is key. It is important for businesses to recognise the potential of optimising their site to appear in local search results.

Doing so will increase the chance of attracting customers who are in your area searching for immediate results. Consumers love convenience, so give them just that. Aim to be the one who pops up offering a nearby quality service or product when they are in need of what you have to offer.

Using these tools to optimise your website and forward your business will leave you with a large ROI and a most likely a large smile smeared across your face. These are just a few tips and insight to the massive potential the digital market holds and how your company can benefit from evaluating and refining your online presence and outreach.

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