A Grave Concern: A Fable

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A Grave Concern: A Fable is a novel written by Pure SEO’s own Content Lead, Rollan Schott.


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“The young artisan brought her grave concern to the Castle of the Wind.”

The doors to the Castle of the Wind had been shuttered for some time, and the Valley of the Wind was approaching its third harvest since anybody in the kingdom had laid eyes upon their king.

Spritely and determined, the young artisan was tall and handsome with a mess of bright red hair. She had been so happy for so long that people in the Kingdom of the Wind had come to know her as Joy, though her grave concern had severely tempered her exuberance. Though she had come to the Castle of the Wind seeking the redress of her concern, she left instead with a handful of coins and a quest—one that would carry her to the furthest reaches of the world.

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2 reviews for A Grave Concern: A Fable

  1. Nina

    A beautifully written book! I’m not a book worm however this was the perfect book to read on a Sunday afternoon cuddled up on the couch. A love story we can all relate to.

  2. Nina

    A beautifully written book with a love story everyone is able to relate to. I’m not a bookworm however it’s the perfect book for a Sunday afternoon on the couch!

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