Andi Garnett

Account Manager

An Army brat from birth, Andi bounced around the world and back before he was 10, finally settling in Auckland in 1996. From that time and well into today, he was glued to one screen or another – either playing video games, watching movies, or binging TV.

Naturally, his love of screen sent him straight to film school where he majored in writing & directing before broadening his field at Auckland University where he wrote his Masters’ thesis on Facebook and Social Media.

Since then, Andi has managed several roles within Retail, Entertainment, e-Commerce, Marketing, Editorial work and Copywriting – loving anything with a challenge that lets him flex his creative side. During this time, he’s fostered strong communication skills while always maintaining a high attention to detail. Andi loves to hone technical skills and is always eager to further his knowledge through new ventures.

When he’s not working, Andi can be found racing around after his two sons, hitting the markets with his wife, or poring over highlight reels from the latest NFL games (how ‘bout those Chiefs!) If he’s feeling particularly dangerous, you can find him out on the hockey turf or blasting his eardrums at a rock show.

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