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Boardertown (https://shop.boardertown.co.nz/) is a leading skateboard, snowboard, apparel and footwear retailer in New Zealand. They are proud to support the skateboarding and snowboarding community at a grassroots level, helping with the development of multiple skate parks around the country, and by sponsoring skate & snow competitions and teams.


Smart Shopping Campaign with Pure SEO

7th June 2018 – 31st December 2018

On the 7th June 2018, Pure SEO paused Boardertown’s existing Google Shopping campaign and launched a new Smart Shopping campaign that had been built from scratch to increase Boardertown’s online revenue and ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

Google Smart Shopping Snippets
Google Smart Shopping Snippets

Smart Shopping campaigns help advertisers maximise revenue, conversions and expand reach. This campaign subtype combines standard Shopping and Display Remarketing campaigns, and uses AI leveraged automated bidding and ad placement to promote products and business across networks.


Our Approach & Process

During the research phase, we used Google Trends & Keyword Planner to analyse the popularity and seasonality of skate and snow products and add negative keywords in the campaign to avoid ad spend on irrelevant terms. To make our Shopping campaign as successful as possible, we then needed to create, optimise and maintain a high-quality product data-feed of more than 10,000+ products. We made sure to use rich titles & images to provide relevant attributes that match what customers searched for, including influential brand names, gender, size, colour, size type, or personalisation options.

Google Smart Shopping Naming Conventions
Google Smart Shopping Naming Conventions

The goal was to optimise for Google’s Ad ranking factors using formulas that concatenated variables and product specifications, and provide customers with the most relevant information about the client’s products to better match search queries and drive performance lift. Also, we ensured to put critical details at the front of the product title, especially if they were not visible in the image. Google truncates product titles in most ad formats so to avoid this issue; we made sure to show the most relevant and compelling content at the beginning of the title to inform customers before they click-through to the site with the use of naming conventions. The Target ROAS was adjusted during the campaign when the analyst saw an opportunity to maximise revenue or attract new customers while not impacting ad visibility and Impression Share to the detriment of the campaign.


The Smart Shopping campaign increased the revenue by 190% and the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) had increased by 32% from the date the campaign started on the 7th of June 2018 – right up until the end of the year, the 31st December 2018. With a Return on Ad Spend of $37.12 this meant that for every $1 that Boardertown spent on the campaign, they got $37 back in revenue.

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