SEO & SEM for HomePro: Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

HomePro (https://homepro.co.nz/) specialise in Kitchen and Bathroom renovations in the Auckland region. Chris had purchased this business 7-8 months prior to contacting Pure SEO. HomePro operates alongside Chris’s other business Custom Decks & Fences. He has 6 staff members and wanted to grow their business through digital channels. Since 2005, the local Auckland business has provided countless happy customers with their dream bathroom or kitchen.

Besides their outstanding design and construction results, HomePro ensures that their clients don’t dent their wallets. Detailed estimates are drawn up specific to the budget and needs of each client. A turn-key renovation service and daily project updates allow HomePro to take the stress out of renovations, leaving nothing but excitement.


The Problem

Despite an outstanding team and expertise, HomePro struggled to gain traction online. This position is one that many businesses find themselves in; a highly skilled team, unique approach, and top-quality results, but no online visibility to gain leads!

Fortunately, the team invested in SEO and SEM services to make a splash online and bring in new clients. Aside from generating leads, the business wanted to increase local visibility, specifically around the North Shore area.


The Solution

Despite what many believe, online visibility doesn’t happen magically. It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make an impact online and reach new audiences. HomePro’s action plan needed to prioritise SEO and SEM strategies to gain traction steadily.

Chirs, the man behind HomePro, acquired the business five months before joining forces with Pure SEO. He knew that the best way to long-term success online is to invest in a quality strategy and beat the primary competition.

Google Ads Strategy

The first part of the strategy was to narrow down the target audience. The SEM team refined the broad North Shore area to implement radius targeting for all their Google Ads campaigns. We targeted specific suburbs on the North Shore, as well as some West Auckland suburbs. Refined targeting allows smaller businesses to use their Ad spend more effectively, sneaking ahead of larger competitors that cater to the entire Auckland region.

One of the most important steps to HomePro’s success was the willingness to raise the budget where necessary. The business understood that search engine marketing is an investment. When you maximise your investment, you receive more clicks and impressions, leading to a great ROI. The strategy was kept simple and effective. To start, we created two campaigns, each with its own goal. One campaign focused on the brand, and the other aimed to promote their services.

Brand Campaign

To improve brand recognition, we used one campaign to target the brand directly by name and in its variations. We wanted to target users searching for their brand. Businesses must be at the top when users or existing customers search for them by name; otherwise, they’re practically invisible. A brand-oriented campaign is ideal to ensure you’re there when people are looking. This approach enabled us to improve brand recognition to affinity audiences.

Generic Campaign

To gain brand-new leads, we knew targeting broad, industry terms related to HomePro’s services was important. These terms included keywords like ‘renovations auckland’ to bring ads to the top of search engine results for generic terms relevant to their industry. However, as a specialised company, HomePro wanted to target more specific keywords, such as ‘kitchen’ and ‘bathroom’.

From here, the SEM team created two new ad groups to target specific search terms, such as ‘kitchen design’ and ‘bathroom design’. We found some specific search terms with a low CPC (Cost-Per-Click) to target. This strategy meant we could use the client’s budget more effectively to attract new customers to their site.

Audience Targeting

The next step was to utilise audience targeting, one of Google Ads’ most powerful tools. The SEM team segmented audiences in our target locations into affinity, in-marketing, and remarketing demographics. While each audience segment sat at a different level on the conversion funnel, each had the same interest in home improvement and interior renovation.

We found that avid news readers, health and fitness buffs, and luxury travellers were high converters for our affinity audience. From this point, we continued to optimise our campaign based on our audience targeting to drive conversion.

Link Building Strategy

Alongside their paid ads, we wanted to build HomePro’s organic rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs). We wrote original, informative blog content to build internal links and encourage engagement from users. We implemented detailed, keyword-rich landing page content alongside easy CTAs to ensure a smooth path to conversion. The next step was to focus on gaining backlinks, as this remains one of Google’s key ranking signals.

Links to your site from a high-quality domain strengthen your domain authority. Pure SEO combines key link-building strategies to help obtain natural, high-quality backlinks. We put much of our resources into writing keyword-rich articles about their niche. Unlike internally-posted blog content, we published these link-building articles on high-authority websites through outreach.

Rather than looking for many backlinks, we focused on acquiring the highest-quality ones. This strategy allowed us to slowly improve organic rankings for the relevant keywords used as anchor text. From the improved rankings and users brought to the site from inbound links, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in organic traffic.


The Results

Paid Traffic

Our search campaigns were successful for several reasons. The first and most effective reason was the client’s willingness to listen and coordinate with Pure SEO. To see the best results from a marketing strategy, you must trust the agency. The HomePro team are the experts at interior renovations, and our SEM team specialise in Google Ads. Coordination and trust between HomePro and Pure SEO allowed us to follow through with the best strategy while aligning with HomePro’s budget and goals.

HomePro understood that maximising its budget in optimal areas would deliver a great return on investment. The increased budget allowed us to snatch up search traffic from high-traffic relevant keywords. HomePro saw a dramatic increase in leads, including submitted contact forms and email and phone clicks from our paid search campaigns.

As well as bringing in an extreme increase in paid traffic and new users, our Google Ads strategy managed to reduce the bounce rate. These results indicate that we effectively targeted a keen audience and relevant keywords.

Our paid campaign worked to drive quick results while slowly building HomePro’s organic success by attracting new users, keeping them on the site for longer, and driving action.

Organic Traffic

In terms of organic traffic, our link-building approach saw fantastic results. By sharing our optimised content through their social media channels (alongside our other link-building efforts), HomePro saw its organic impressions almost double in just six months.

Now, we continue coordinating with HomePro to maintain organic impressions and search result rankings. HomePro can also invest further into their digital marketing through the success of our paid campaigns. An increased budget enables the brand to continue optimising its content and working toward higher organic rankings for several search terms relevant to its industry. With such dramatic organic growth in the last six months, we’re excited to see what comes over the next six!

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