Removing Bad Links To Your Website

Link cleansing is the process of removing bad backlinks pointing to your website. This is an important  component of a successful search engine optimisation strategy. Due to a number of recent Google algorithm updates, penalties are now given to websites that have automated backlinks and/or participate in link exchange programmes

Link Cleanse

While link building is an integral part of successful SEO, it is equally important to monitor and remove links that are harmful to your business, e.g. those coming from ‘dodgy’ or illegal pages, or from pages with a reputation or intention that goes against your business ethics.

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In the past, it was quite common for companies to buy or farm links from third party providers. This practice previously helped to positively affect rankings, until Google introduced monitoring tools to identify and devalue pages using these linking strategies.

Now, a critical feature of every successful SEO strategy is to not only to build natural links but also to purge your website of toxic links that will prevent your site from ranking in searches. This is especially necessary if, for example, you are taking over a site from another business or a previous owner. You may not be aware what types of links point to your site and how to improve or remove them.

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We are happy to hear from you today to discuss your situation. Here at Pure SEO we can help you identify all backlinks and perform a thorough link cleansing process in support of your other search engine optimisation efforts. Contact us at enquiries@pureseo.co.nz or call (09) 950 3888

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