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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with 100 hours of content uploaded every minute, so it is fair to say that there’s a very minute chance that your content will be noticed amongst the mountainous number of adorable cat and baby videos. Although achieving a high number of video views is an improbable feat, it isn’t an impossible one so long as you have the right plan. There are a few optimization You Tube optimisation steps you can take to empower your video with a fighting chance.


You Tube Optimisation


Video is great because it typically brings more engagement and interest to your website than traditional articles—it’s easier to understand for readers, it’s more appealing to watch a video, and it gives you more opportunity to get creative and unique with the material you choose to show.

When ranking videos YouTube has a set of distinct criteria and algorithm

  • How often the video has been viewed
  • How long someone views the video
  • How often the video appears in a person’s playlist
  • The number of positive rankings/comments
  • The number of subscribers the creator (you) has
  • How often the video is added to a playlist
  • How often the video was embedded on the web


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