“How to Get to the Top of Google Search” by Richard Conway

Published by Penguin Randomhouse for Small-Medium business owners wanting to get a better understanding of SEO & Digital Marketing.

If you’re seeking a clear and authoritative guidebook to SEO, check out Pure SEO founder Richard Conway’s book, How to Get to the Top of Google Search: A Practical SEO Guide – published by Penguin Randomhouse and released on the 5th of March 2019 in eBook and paperback.

In his new book, Richard Conway, with the help of other search engine specialists here at the Pure SEO office and beyond including international SEO expert Rand Fishkin, offers helpful, practical and accessible tips to understanding the basics of SEO principles and incorporate them into your online presence.

Are you an SMB owner/manager who wants to get a better understanding of digital marketing and start taking SEO into your own hands? Read on to learn more about Conway’s new book and how it can benefit your business!

Build strong, basic SEO foundations

Search engine optimisation is an increasingly essential component of any successful 21st-century digital marketing model, but do you know the ins and outs of SEO?

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, you’re not alone. Countless businesses toil away each year on unoptimised websites, some spending large sums of money to advertise in newspapers and magazines. However, in today’s digitalised world, far fewer people check the Herald every day compared to how many consult Google.

So where do you start? It’s no secret that SEO can be technical, which is why SEO specialist companies like Pure SEO exist. We use sophisticated tools to research Google’s search algorithms, research keyword data, and optimise your content to rank on search pages.



But, contrary to popular belief, not everything about SEO is complicated. There are a number of simple and effective steps you can take to help Google recognise your website, what it is and who it’s for, and bump up your page rankings.



How to Get to the Top of Google Search: A Practical SEO Guide helps you build a foundation of understanding that will take the smokes and screens out of SEO.  From there, you can implement changes to achieve higher rankings.


What can you expect from this book?



Richard Conway’s new book offers valuable insight to help you:

  • Understand the value of SEO and its role in digital marketing
  • Research and incorporate keywords
  • Construct an SEO friendly website
  • Better utilise Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Plan and Produce optimised content
  • Tailor your SEO approach to your region
  • Maximise your conversion funnel
  • Develop your site’s link profile
  • Enhance your social media footprint
  • Track your metrics through Google Analytics
  • Anticipate the future trends of SEO


About Richard and Pure SEO

Richard Conway is one of New Zealand’s top leaders in SEO. Having written the NZQA SEO course for Unitec and lecturing for the MBA programme at the University of Auckland, Conway has now written the first and only book on New Zealand SEO that’s tailored for small to medium businesses. While other agencies might covet this knowledge as trade secrets, we at Pure SEO believe in sharing the basics of our expertise for the betterment of New Zealand’s global business influence.


Get your copy of the book today!

How to Get to the Top of Google Search: A Practical SEO Guide is available in New Zealand book stores. Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for expert SEO help.


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