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SEM helps you achieve instant visibility through Google Ads, YouTube, Bing, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Display and more. Grow your audiences and ROI by building brand awareness through omnichannel marketing, maximising leads and conversions.

Get a better return on your marketing budgetGet started with Pure SEO today and see what makes us one of the top 3% of SEM agencies in New Zealand, as chosen by Google.

Generate quality leads quickly

Search Engine Marketing allows you to effectively target potential customers online who are actively searching for what you have to offer.

Pure SEO will help you improve the return on your SEM investment. Instantly achieve higher online visibility by ensuring your brand appears in moments that matter, wherever your customers are looking, be it search, YouTube, Google Shopping, Maps, Gmail, Bing and more. Many people don’t realise that 80% of Google users also search on YouTube, making it the second-largest search engine.

SEM allows you to know and control your exact ROI. If you want to optimise your advertising campaigns and lower your Cost per Click (CPC) or Conversion (CPA), then our talented & experienced team is here to help.
Empower your business through SEMTalk to us today to discuss your digital advertising goals. Our experts harness the latest digital technologies to build campaigns that create brand uplift, generate leads, and drive sales, allowing you to track online & offline conversions for a full picture of your digital marketing.

Our SEM campaigns have put up some ridiculous numbers

In the right hands, an investment in search engine marketing can pay for itself several times over. Just ask our clients.

Some of Pure SEO’s award-winning SEM campaigns have achieved ROIs of over 2,000%!*

It wouldn’t be realistic to promise such extraordinary results for every campaign, but the numbers don’t lie—we’ve proven that we’re capable of jaw-dropping returns, and we’re delivering impressive results for our clients, every day.

Reach 90% of all Internet users through Google's advertising network

Google is an integral part of our daily lives, and advertising through its vast online network, including search, YouTube, Google Shopping, Maps, Gmail, Display and Discover, is a great way to reach users primed to convert. The numbers tell half the story:


of all Google users click on text ads.


of all Google users rely on Google to discover new products and services.


of all online shoppers research products on Google before purchasing.

Fast-track your business to the top of Google searchNearly 5.5 billion Google searches occur daily, and paid search ads are often the quickest way to occupy the top spot on those results pages.

SEM is a great way to leapfrog the long journey to organic rankings through SEO, but you’ll still compete against other paid search campaigns for the most effective bid strategy and the best available audience. The experts at Pure SEO will put your campaigns in a better position to increase your revenue.


Of Google users see no difference between an ad and an organic result.


Of all online experiences begin with a search


Of Google users click on paid search ads.

With Google Shopping, a whole new revenue stream

Google Shopping is like creating a second storefront for your business, increasing exposure with a targeted audience ready to buy now.

Google Shopping creates thumbnails of your product image and price as search results on Google’s Marketplace, a large, highly visible online catalogue. Shopping Ads are an effective way to acquire new shoppers and expand your user base, creating an entirely new revenue stream for your online store. You even have the option to target only new customers!

Pure SEO can help your business capitalise on this lucrative opportunity and claim your share of a channel that accounts for over three-quarters of all retail search ad spend. Get started with us today to make Google Shopping an integral part of your successful eCommerce strategy

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is the process of buying traffic through paid advertising like Google Ads. Sometimes referred to as PPC or Pay per Click, SEM can include Bing, YouTube, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Gmail, Display, and more. A holistic strategy to capitalise on these channels can help you quickly grab your audience’s attention. SEM is now among the most powerful and practical marketing methods available to businesses.

Discover the benefits of search engine marketing

Highly targeted to your ideal leads

Focus your marketing budget on search engine users who fit your target audience. Optimise your campaigns and improve performance as you learn more about the people most likely to engage with your business.

Reach leads with high intent

People who query search engines are looking for products or services, making them more promising leads than passive consumers elsewhere. With search engine marketing, your leads are coming to you.

Easily manage your costs

Set daily and campaign budgets to keep your marketing costs under control. Enjoy high visibility into where your money goes with precise and measurable success tracking, so you can ensure you’re getting the most for your budget.

Enjoy the benefits immediately

With paid search campaigns, you can start seeing real results the day your ads go live, offering you a more immediate return on investment.

Exceptional visibility into campaign performance

With SEM campaigns, we can see what’s working and what isn’t. With our vast knowledge and experience, we can also see why. Adjust and optimise your campaigns to improve results over time and respond in real-time to changes in the market.

Track both online and offline conversions

Not everything happens on search engines. Some people do their research online before making their purchase in-store. With a smart omnichannel marketing strategy, you can optimise your ads for offline actions such as store visits. Measure the impact of your online advertising on your overall marketing and conversions.

Learn more about our SEM services

When you trust Pure SEO with your Search Engine Marketing outcomes, you receive a comprehensive suite of services designed to provide maximum performance and transparency. Our services include:
What you’ll receive from our SEM services

  1. Initial research to understand your business goals, pain points, and target market (audience and location)
  2. Account/campaign setup from budget and campaign goals to ad copy and creative
  3. Review of website and site structure to identify best available landing pages and conversion points and confirm Analytics tracking
  4. Regular reporting on campaign performance
  5. Keyword research built around your products or services
  6. Monthly campaign optimisation for improved results and ROI
  7. Regular review to identify new opportunities or necessary campaign scaling
  8. Competitor review, including your input, to better understand the competitive challenges your Ads will face
  9. Experience and expertise with the latest search and advertising innovations and a team that knows how to harness them to help you achieve your business goals
  10. Review of existing channels if any SEM or other marketing campaigns are already underway
  11. Several of our team members are fluent in Mandarin and can cater to this audience or your needs

Check out our recent client SEM wins

A proudly Kiwi SEM agency you can trust

Pure SEO can manage all your search engine marketing, creating relevant and engaging ads and combining them with our technology and expertise in PPC bidding measurement and optimisation. All our clients enjoy full access to their Google Ads accounts, meaning we partner with you in a totally transparent way.

Enjoy Full Access to Your Accounts

Never trust an SEM agency that doesn’t give you full access to your own Ads accounts from the outset. It’s your campaign, after all; your bottom line is on the line. You should have full control over your account, even if an agency is helping you manage it. Any agency that won’t grant you full access is making it difficult for you to leave, because they don’t back themselves to deliver results that will make you want to stay.

At Pure SEO, we have nothing to hide. You’ll enjoy 24/7 access to your accounts, with full visibility over your campaigns and expenses. You also own your payment profiles, giving you full control over your money. We’re confident that we’ll deliver results that will keep you coming back, but should you decide to leave us, for whatever reason, you’ll be able to take your campaigns with you. No questions asked. No fuss.

For us, it’s all part of doing digital the right way.

Our management fees aren’t tied to your media spend

Unlike other agencies, we don’t base our SEM management fees on your campaign budgets. Agencies who do this have an incentive to grow their own revenues by increasing your media spend. With Pure SEO, our only incentive is your performance—not budget.

Even Google knows we’re one of the best

Pure SEO ranks among the top 3% of SEM agencies in New Zealand as chosen by Google, which based its assessment on delivering client growth and internal qualifications and training.

Locally owned, with our head office here in Auckland, we’re generating leads and driving sales for businesses throughout New Zealand and beyond. Our award-winning Google Premier Partner team has a lot to show for our efforts, but more importantly, so do our clients.

Unlock the full potential of Search Engine Marketing

  • Enjoy access to all Google platforms and audience data, including Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Discover, and the Google Display Network.
  • Advertise on YouTube—The world’s second largest search engine. Over 80% of Google users also search on YouTube.
  • Harness unparalleled visibility and control over your ROI.
  • Measure your brand uplift with the best available platform to grow your brand awareness and increase consideration
  • Machine learning technology targets your specific audience for maximum engagement.
  • Create a second store with Google Shopping and develop an entirely new additional revenue stream
  • Track online and offline conversions for a comprehensive marketing approach.
  • Control your brand message and beat your competition.

We offer services in Mandarin

With several specialist staff members fluent in Mandarin, Pure SEO is delighted to extend digital marketing services to audiences and clients with that have this preference.

We understand that digital marketing is all about zero moments of truth – when visitors are ready to become customers. With the omnichannel presence that SEM allows, speaking the right language to your audience can make all the difference.

Pure SEO 拥有多位精通中文的数字营销专家,我们现已拓展中文营销业务,致力于为华人客户及想要开拓华人市场的客户提供更加专业的数字营销服务。


Pure SEO is a Google Export Partner

In 2022, Google recognised Pure SEO’s industry-leading success in search engine marketing, inviting us to join an exclusive roster of AUNZ agencies in the International Growth Agency Program of 2022.

As a Google Export Partner, we’re working alongside Google to deliver the same SEM success to businesses overseas. With access to Google resources and workshops, we’re delivering unprecedented value to businesses in New Zealand and beyond.

Our awards


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