Amazon Display Advertising is a powerful tool for businesses. Advertise and sell your products through the world's largest e-commerce site with the help of Pure SEO.

Reach Hundreds of Customers

By selling through Amazon, you gain the capability to reach hundreds of customers globally. The team at Pure SEO can set up your Amazon Display Ads, optimise your campaign, and measure its success.

Whether you’re already promoting your brand through Amazon’s platform or have only begun to consider it, we can help. Learn how we work with Amazon display ads to drive success.

Optimising for Amazon


There are five primary platforms for sellers on Amazon:

  • Seller Central
  • Vendor Central
  • Kindle Direct Platform
  • Merch by Amazon
  • Amazon Handmade

Each platform caters to different types of vendors who may sell through Amazon. Seller Central, with Individual and Professional plans, is the recommended choice for a brand that sells on-demand physical products. The following guidelines apply to this platform:

  • You set the price
  • You determine inventory levels
  • You are the seller of record

Product Listings

Once set up, you can get your offers ready. The analysts at Pure SEO will optimise your product listing to ensure that copy and images align with all of Amazon’s requirements for sellers.

Keywords remain a strong signal for Amazon’s platform, so root keywords relevant to your product are ideal. Our SEO analysts and content team will optimise product listings based on keyword research to ensure your products receive visibility.


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