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    How to Design a Website for Good SEO

    Planning to design a brand new website or revamp your current one? The best way to get great SEO results is to build best practices into your site from square one. Google regularly readjusts their ranking factors, but there are many elements of...
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    Business SEO

    The Opportunities and Challenges of Enterprise SEO

    When you hear the phrase “Enterprise SEO”, you may be wondering how this differs from traditional SEO. In general, this term refers to SEO practices for large enterprise websites, but what really goes into the nitty gritty of it? In this blog,...
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    News Pure SEO

    Digital Marketing Training with the Tourism Transition Fund

    Are You In Need of Digital Marketing Training but don’t have the budget? Pure SEO, one of New Zealand’s most awarded digital marketing agencies have been approved to deliver fully funded training to the tourism sector. (Under the Tourism...
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    ECommerce in 2020: Don’t Get Left Behind

    If you had said to me back in the early 2000s that in 2020 you could purchase a pair of shoes without setting foot in a store or book a flight without ringing a travel agent, I would have thought you were crazy. I was one of the nonbelievers in the...
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    Content News Pure SEO SEO

    Big Data Analysis of the NZ Clothing Market

    Pure SEO recently partnered with Whites Agency, a European SEO organisation, to create a comprehensive SEO analysis of New Zealand’s competitive online clothing market. The study utilises Big Data and a reverse engineering approach to: analyse...
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    The Rise of TikTok: Is it the New Fad Marketers Shouldn’t Miss Out On?

    Have you heard of TikTok yet? Chances are, you have. (Unless you’ve been living under a rock or meditating on the hills without your smartphone!) This 15-second video app that has become one of the most popular fads amongst the social media...
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    Small Business SEO Starter Guide

    Learn everything you need to know to get started with Small Business SEO. You can download a FREE Keyword Research Worksheet here. Looking to increase online visibility for your small business and start bringing in more leads? This guide was made...
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    The Essential Guide to Landing Page Optimisation

    Landing pages have the sole purpose of collecting information that will help you market to and connect with lead prospects. By breaking down the barriers to getting this information, visitors are more likely to convert....
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    The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas

    Discover 30 lessons in lead generation to start boosting your lead efforts. Generating leads is a vital business activity that needs to be thoughtfully planned. Many marketers and businesses don’t feel as if their lead generation efforts are...
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    How to Achieve Online Success with Simple & Effective SEO

    Get started with the basics! Learn what SEO & SEM is all about. In this easy guide, you’ll get the low-down on the search engine marketing landscape. Find out how search engine optimisation can increase traffic to your website and keep...
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    Back To The Future Day – Getting Technology Trends Right & Wrong

    Whether you are old enough to remember or are just a fan of classic comedies, the beloved 80’s Back To the Future trilogy starring Michael J Fox as Marty McFly & Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown has just reached another milestone today....
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    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing – Find Your Niche with Data

    Designing a content marketing strategy is a step by step process and the first step in any good plan is to research your brand and audience. This week we will look at how you can identify your audience and set yourself up for success. The only way...
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    Content Marketing News

    Don’t Try Content Marketing Without A Plan

    Content marketing has a reputation as being costly and difficult to execute, but that’s just not true. When it’s done well and strategically content marketing can even improve on the high returns SEO provides businesses. Content can actually be...
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    Local SEO SEO

    SEO Is The Perfect Growth Hacking Tool

    Growing a business is every entrepreneurs dream and challenge. Most people have tight budgets, big ideas and very little time. They need some way to take all these disparate elements, put them together, say in a hat and pull out a rabbit. What is...
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    Facebook Mobile SEM

    Growthhacking – Leverage All The Elements Of Your Marketing Mix

    Growth hacking sounds self-explanatory doesn’t it, but what does it really mean beyond achieving growth? After all growth is what we are all striving for – more customers, more visitors, more business, but it isn’t easy to achieve....
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