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    Are Infographics Still Effective?

    A picture paints a thousand words, but how about a pixel? Infographics have maintained a steadfast presence in digital marketing. They can communicate complex information in an easily digestible and visually enticing format. If you want to share...
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    Google Google Ads SEM

    How to Optimise Your Paid Ads

    While a lower Cost Per Click (CPC) can impact your SEM budget, improving the overall quality score of your ads matters most. A high-quality score can save you much more while delivering significantly better results. With that in mind, read on to...
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    Guides SEO

    Crawlability & Indexing Tips to Optimise Your SEO

    A solid SEO strategy relies on search engines crawling your website and indexing its pages in their databases to appear on results pages. If we may as well have written that sentence in code, let us explain. Below, we’ll explore what...
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    A Guide to Downloading Your Pure SEO Data Studio Report

    Pure SEO provides a range of digital marketing services to take your SEO and digital game to the next level. These include comprehensive reports detailing the in-depth results of your Google campaigns, traffic breakdowns and more. You can easily...
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    Google SEO

    Tips For Using Google Search Effectively

    Google accounts for nearly 86% of the searches happening online. Thanks to the spread of smartphones, searching for something is literally in the palm of our hands. Google can tell us time, weather forecast, translate languages, give directions,...
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    Guides SEO

    What Is An SSL Certificate – Securing Your Server

    Have you ever noticed how some website URLs begin with http://, while others with https://? Where does this extra ‘s’ come from, and what does it mean? To give you a short answer, the extra ‘s’ means your connection with a...
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    Content SEO

    What is ORM? Managing Your Online Reputation

    Prior to the rise of the internet, Reputation Management and PR were topics of great concern only for large scale businesses and celebrity personas. Small businesses, on the other hand, gave little to no thought to their brand perception, which...
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    Guides On-page Optimisation SEO

    On-Page Content for SEO – The Ultimate Guide

    Effective SEO content is written content on your webpage that has utilised SEO strategies to increase the ranking of your page in search engine results. It is content that is easy for visitors and search engines alike to read and understand how...
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    Guides On-page Optimisation

    XML & HTML Sitemaps: The Ultimate Guide

    What are sitemaps and why are they important for SEO? The experts at Pure SEO have put together a guide to XML and HTML sitemaps, providing everything you need to know to get started. Read this ultimate guide below to learn everything about XML and...
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    Guides Marketing On-page Optimisation SEO

    The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Placement for SEO

    Keyword placement is vital to the success of the SEO process. Using the correct keywords in appropriate areas is the most basic yet effective way to target your content to specific searches. Remember, though: it’s the content that makes a visitor...
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    Business Guides SEO

    The Pure SEO Guide to Server Security

    Server security is crucial to ensuring your website—and, by extension, your brand—can be trusted by users and search engines alike. An SSL Certificate benefits not only your security but also your SEO. Google now considers HTTPS one of the...
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    Content Google SEO

    The Pure SEO Guide to Core Web Vitals

    Google constantly updates its ranking algorithms to provide the best page experience for users and maintain its status as a top-tier search engine. In June 2021, Google introduced an interesting update to this equation: Core Web Vitals. The three...
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    Content Marketing YouTube

    How Can Video Content Boost Your SEO?

    While keyword optimisation and quality written content are excellent strategies to boost your SEO, video content could be the X-factor that drastically enhances your ranking in organic search results and yields higher search volumes. After all,...
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    Small Business SEO Starter Guide

    Learn everything you need to know to get started with Small-Medium Business SEO. Grow traffic and leads from your website with this Small-Medium Business SEO Starter Guide. You’ll learn SEO basics and why it’s important for SMEs, how to...
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    eCommerce SEO Guide

    eCommerce SEO Guide. eCommerce sites tend to be larger, with more pages and content than other sites – simply because of the various product and category pages, in addition to brand and company information. This makes SEO a very important...
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