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Responding to Ranking Drops

Bell & Co is a boutique dispute resolution law firm, providing expertise in the corporate arena as employment lawyers and the family and personal scope as trusted family lawyers. Their clients range from large businesses to private individuals, working to provide cost-effective results and great relationships with clients.

Pure SEO has been working with Bell & Co to provide cost-effective solutions to get rid of the penalty, as well as provide a stable SEO foundation based on expert advice so that their customers can find them online.

“We had an issue arise on our website which was related to a hack, in which someone had altered the code… and we actually received a penalty from Google against the site which drastically affected our rankings. Pure SEO was able to deliver a solution to that issue, and it was comparatively quite a price effective solution compared to some of those that we explored. From there, it was just about the good strategy going forward to raise that rank over time.

Our website was created from a design point of view rather than an SEO point of view, so Pure SEO were able to give us some guidance – things like ensuring the content on particular pages were appropriate for the search algorithm. The outcome with respect to the hacking issue was that Google removed the manual penalty that they had applied, and the rank has recovered over time. We’re hovering at the bottom of page one – that’s a significant improvement from where we were at, and we hope to get better traction on page one going forward.

One of the barriers to people (in terms of hiring SEO specialists) is probably the relatively frequent approaches you get by direct marketing – phone or email – about (third-party) optimisation of your website. The advantage (of PureSEO) is that Ryan will meet with you on a monthly basis, and the solutions are very real and focused on your needs. It’s an authentic service, and it’s delivered on a face-to-face basis.”

Going forward, we’re excited to continue to help Bell & Co reach the heights they deserve in the SERPs. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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