Three65 Spouting

Dominating SERP with SEO

Three65 is a growing company in the trades sector, based out of both Wellington and Auckland. They have been providing professional spouting and rainwater solutions to their customers since 1996. They care about keeping up with the competitive market and are always looking for new opportunities to drive business through developed marketing campaigns: in the past, this has included a thorough rebrand and taking their business online with a seamless website. The next step for them naturally became SEO.

It was important for Three65 Spouting to achieve higher rankings on Google and ultimately drive customers towards their spouting business.

A lot of the time in SEO, clients have to put their faith into a company because it’s highly technical and not something that every man and his dog understands. Three65 Spouting have been failed in the past by other SEO companies, so we’re really grateful that they put their trust in us to deliver. Our SEO campaign has helped their organic rating to improve three-fold, and their Google Adwords campaign specifically targets the right customers, at the right time.

“There’s a lot of unknown in this area. These guys know it and they will deliver on what they promise you, and they certainly don’t over-promise. So we got a great result.”

Scott Johnston, Three 65 Spouting

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