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Google Ads Campaign

When Naenae Dental Clinic in Lower Hutt, Wellington assessed their Google Ads performance, they discovered something discouraging. They were spending too much money on Ads and not getting the website traffic they needed in return. Their DIY digital marketing strategy, it seemed, wasn’t working. That’s why Naenae reached out to Pure SEO.

Naenae Dental Clinic boasts a dedicated and accomplished team of dentists and oral surgeons, servicing Lower Hutt and the greater Wellington area. Making use of an unparalleled array of the latest dental technologies, Naenae strives to provide a thoroughly modern, painless, and stress-free dental service and care.

Pure SEO has worked with Naenae Dental Clinic to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns, reducing their overall Ads spend while boosting traffic through great organic search engine performance. Pure SEO has also produced a wealth of content that Naenae had used across their social media channels to help expand their reach and drive further traffic. Having delivered significant, sustainable SEO success, Naenae Dental Clinic considers Pure SEO a crucial part of their long-term plan for success.

“Most business owners, they’re busy. We really don’t have the time to learn Google AdWords and learn organic traffic and all that stuff. If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation, I would highly recommend using people who are actually experts in the field. They can actually do this for you and do it to a very high standard.”

Ahmad Al-Hassiny, Naenae Dental Clinic

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