Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Who needs Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Any company with a website is wise to invest in SEO. As long as you want people to find your business, website SEO is an absolute must. It will enable your target audience and customers to find you via search engines,  plus it gives you a strategic head start over your competitors.

Why would I need to implement a PPC strategy?

PPC means Pay Per Click. In order to drive customers to your site immediately, you can implement a PPC campaign. The benefit is that you can choose which target keyword you bid for and what budget you would like to set. Remember, you only pay when a potential customer physically clicks on your link, thereby visiting your website. It’s a great customer acquisition strategy when done well.

I want to be at the top of Google’s Search Results. Can you guarantee this?

Anyone who guarantees you the top place in Google searches is not telling you the truth. No one can guarantee this, but Pure SEO has managed to get all of their clients onto the first page for specific, relevant search terms. Pure SEO is confident that with a  sustained SEO campaign, the results will speak for themselves.

How long will SEO & PPC take?

SEO is a continual process; you will not see results overnight. A period of six months is generally required before you will start to see the best results. A strong PPC campaign can be implemented in a matter of days. These campaigns are proven to produce tangible results immediately.

How do I know you are doing what you say you are doing?

Pure SEO is absolutely passionate about providing results. We take away the ‘smoke and mirrors’ by providing easy to understand monthly reporting to our clients, and of course you can pick up the phone at any point to ask us questions.

I already have a Website Developer… Can you help me?

We can definitely help. Pure SEO are not website developers – we only do search engine marketing (SEM). We can work with any website developer, across any platform, and can advise you on which developers to select if you are unsure about who to use.

We are a small company… Can we afford SEO?

The question should actually be can you afford not to do SEO? Pure SEO offer affordable SEO services. Because SEO is measurable, you can see the benefit of undertaking this compared to other far less measurable marketing options.

We are an International Company – Can you still help us?

Yes absolutely. Pure SEO have clients in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, the USA and New Zealand. We have worked on huge global campaigns for international brands. So yes! We can certainly help. If you want to find out how simply call 0800 SEARCH.

Who is looking after my campaign when the Pure SEO office is closed?

We have allocated staff reviewing campaigns, even during the holidays, to check all is well.

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