Content Ideas for E-Commerce Businesses

Content marketing is an ideal way for e-commerce businesses to increase online visibility. Engaging content helps drive customers to your online store. However, many challenges come with managing an e-commerce website. Not to fret, we share some content marketing ideas for e-commerce and ultimately increase online sales. But first, what is the goal of content marketing?


Create Brand Awareness and Turn Traffic into Sales

The goal of a content marketing strategy – and all other marketing strategies – is to establish your brand and make sales. When you are passionate about your brand, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics and forget the end goal. You want to sell your goods. One effective idea is to highlight your call to action.

Create engaging content that directs potential customers to your website. It sounds simple, but it works. When a customer reaches your landing pages, ensure a CTA button is at the top to make it easy for the customer to convert.


Focus on Customer Support and Loyalty

It costs less money to retain existing customers than attain new ones. Looking after your current customers is an effective way to utilise content marketing. You can do this in many ways, from providing informative blog content to rewarding customers with discount codes.

Customer support should extend to all areas of your brand. Ensure that your customers know you care by providing in-depth FAQs and other information-based content. This type of content helps boost customer trust and encourages them to recommend your company to others.


Engaging Video Content

Rather than have just an introduction paragraph, add an engaging video that is under 5 minutes. Video content effectively displays how your product works and provides additional context on size and colour.

Short-form social media videos, such as TikToks or Instagram Reels, are perfect for grabbing your customer’s attention and interest. Just ensure the content is relevant, digestible, and well-produced.


Publish eBooks

An eBook is a fantastic tool for any content marketing strategy. This type of long-form content marketing helps customers trust your brand. An eBook is information-rich and gives your brand authority on a specific subject. An e-commerce business can use eBooks to share detailed product-use guides, buying guides, and other relevant information.


Reduce Abandoned Carts with Email Recovery Campaigns

The last thing you want for your e-commerce website is to see abandoned carts. An email recovery campaign allows you to create content that reunites a customer with the original cart. Direct emails are incredibly effective for conversion. Your customers will be reminded of their cart items and second-guess their cart abandonment.


SMS Campaigns

E-commerce businesses need to utilise as many content marketing platforms as possible. Many content marketing strategies overlook SMS campaigns. However, most of us are on our phones throughout the day. Short SMS (text message) campaigns inform shoppers about special offers, promotions, updates, alerts, and product information. You can create personalised content that engages customers and include a call-to-action to draw them to your site.


Work with the Experts

Instead of worrying about what your competitors are doing, be one step ahead. An SEO agency can help your e-commerce business gain visibility online and boost sales. Better than that, SEO specialists can benefit your content marketing strategy.

Professional SEO specialists can audit and optimise your content with relevant keywords and on-page SEO strategies. Google and other online algorithms favour optimised content. Optimised eBooks, social media posts, and website content help push the content to the right audience.


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