Digital Analytics

Tag, capture and analyse users and their online behaviour for in-depth insights so you can make more informed decisions.

Analytics: Tracking & Improving Your Website ROI

The great thing about digital marketing is that absolutely everything is measurable. If you can click on it, we can measure it. Our team at Pure SEO is all about measurability – we offer a full range of analytical services to help you understand the trends and UX issues your website has.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free, enterprise-level analytics platform that provides insightful data about your website visitors – including location, demographics, what pages they visit, user dwell time, and more.

The majority of our clients use Google Analytics. However, because a massive amount of information is generated by Google Analytics, some of our clients find themselves overwhelmed by the graphics and numbers. Every month, Pure SEO writes a report for your business, detailing only the important aspects, which help you make sense of the important information.

Adobe Analytics with Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud is a comprehensive web marketing platform by Adobe that contains Adobe Analytics. Some of our larger corporate clients prefer to use Adobe Analytics over Google Analytics for specific features, Adobe’s terms of services agreement, data privacy and more.


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