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No matter your industry, company size, or budget, Snapchat Ads can help your business' online presence flourish.

No matter your industry, company size, or budget, Snapchat Ads can help your business’ online presence flourish. Capitalise on the growing social media marketing buzz, and capture the engagement you want by being a part of Snapchatters’ conversations through strategic full-screen Snapchat marketing.


What are Snapchat Ads?

First, what is Snapchat? The social media platform utilises camera and messaging features, and merged them to build a community of people who can share their lives with each other and the world. Snapchat Ads allow your business to capture some of these customers by sharing full-screen digital ads that are integrated with other Snapchat content.

Snapchat Ads come in various forms, including: Web View, App Install, and Long-Form Video. Each of these styles helps promote different aspects of your business and is attributed to different customer buying journey stages.

  • Web viewing shows your content in video format and prompts the viewer to swipe up to visit your website. This strategy is excellent for driving website traffic and generating new potential leads. Additionally, Snapchat has added a smart auto-fill feature for aiding in businesses collecting leads. Customers can now link their Snapchat account email to your form with a simple click.
  • App installs display your content with a prompt to install your application through a CTA. This option is highly effective because customers can download the app without leaving Snapchat, reducing any conversion friction.
  • Long-form video is typically attributed to film trailers, how-to content and other educative pieces. Long-form videos are the ideal place to promote any explanations about your business or informative topics to drive engagement with targeted customers.


How Pure SEO Can Develop Your Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads is an excellent tool for increasing engagement, driving higher website traffic, and securing new leads. However, if not done right, you’ll find your Snapchat Ads strategy doesn’t bring the results you desire.

Here at Pure SEO, we pride ourselves on our social media marketing specialities, so enquire with us today, and you’ll find your Snapchat Ads exceed what you thought possible

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