Robyn Meredith

Senior Editor

Robyn is a Senior Editor on the content team at Pure SEO. She joined Pure as a Copywriter in May 2021 after working as a freelance content writer for three years.

Robyn graduated from the University of Auckland with a BA in Film, TV and Media Studies, and Sociology. At Pure, Robyn edits a broad range of landing page copy and blog content written by a team of copywriters. She enjoys the editing process and is always learning new skills in her role.

Robyn was born in England but grew up in the small Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago. She moved to New Zealand in 2006 and has since travelled to various areas of the country. Robyn has also travelled abroad to North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe and would love to do more travelling in the future. She spends most of her free time going to the beach, discovering new places to eat, and spending time with family.

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