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Having SEO optimised web landing pages is crucial for organic visibility. Involve experts like Pure SEO to get it right from the start.

We specialise in SEO-friendly website copywriting. Our web content team can write, edit, and transform the text-based content on your web pages, simultaneously drawing in readers, delivering important information, and helping your site’s most important pages rank on Google.

This is an ongoing process that involves matching your services to customer demands, attracting interested parties, and facilitating business conversions. Good copy can boost your website’s performance across the board. If you need website copy, get in touch with us today. To learn more, read on.


What is website copywriting, and how is it unique?

On-page website copy comes with its own set of challenges, which makes it entirely different from standard copywriting, and there are some key reasons for this. First, online copy needs to look great and read well in many different formats, across many devices. Standard print copy always looks the same, but web copy has to perform whether it’s on desktop, mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Second, web copy needs to be ultra-efficient, because all of your readers are always only a click away from reading something else. Good web copy keeps your readers engaged.

Finally, content for your landing pages needs to differ from other types of online copy, such as blogs. Think about it; you probably see blog content being shared all the time, but not landing pages—online shops don’t tend to go viral. This is because copy for webpages has different goals, like driving up your search ranks, so users can find it organically, rather than boosting shareability.

Good webpage content delivers all the vital details to the user quickly and concisely, and this requires a structure that works for your service or product, and your audience.


How we deliver great web content

We write webpage content for humans, because it’s humans you need to connect to. We know how to deliver copy that engages readers, outlines your business, and gives users all the utility they could ever want.

But we also know what search engines like. We create content that is easily crawled by Google, indexes your pages for the right keywords, and helps clarify your page and site structure. Making sure these boxes are ticked while keep the copy easy to read isn’t simple.

It takes a sharp team to do both.

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