Programmatic Advertising

One of the fastest growing technologies of digital advertising, programmatic allows businesses of any size to compete on a scale previously reserved f

Driven by cutting edge technology and machine learning, it’s the optimal way to bring efficiency, performance, and successful data utilisation to your advertising campaign.

Can Programmatic Advertising Help My Business?

When done properly, programmatic advertising is a powerful way to deliver brand awareness on thousands of relevant websites without the (expensive) hassle of going directly through a large media company.

You can leverage advanced software to buy prime advertising space as efficiently as possible, that’s custom-built to reach people who have not previously interacted with your brand to find new customers.

Where Will My Ads Appear?

Your ads will appear on some of the biggest news sites and publishers people go to every day like the NZHerald, Stuff, TradeMe, MetService, Mediaworks, NZME, CNN or the BBC (to name just a few).

We identify the most relevant ad placements for your brand through our programmatic platform and show your ads in real-time to relevant audiences. There are literally hundreds of relevant sites across the network where we can promote your business.

Targeting The Right People, At The Right Time

We’ll work with you to leverage your own data assets (like email lists) to develop an effective targeting strategy, creating custom audiences to deliver your ads to precisely the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

This means ads only show to relevant audiences when the best targeting combinations are available.

When Should I Consider Programmatic Advertising?

We don’t recommend programmatic advertising for every client, and we’ll be honest with you from the very start about whether it’s an investment we believe you should make. After all, your success is our ultimate goal.

You may have already been running some Google Display Advertising to get things off the ground, and it’s a great place to start for a lot of businesses. If you’re really serious about growth and ready to take things to the next level with your business and brand, then its probably time to include programmatic as part of your long-term successful marketing strategy.

How Much Do I Need To Invest?

Programmatic advertising accesses ad inventory from premier websites, and therefore requires a higher degree of media spending. As a guide, you will need a minimum of $2K per month, as anything less than that is not going to provide you with results.

Performance and Expertise

We operate at the leading edge of the powerful programmatic ads platforms to generate the best performance for our family of clients. In fact, our team have even won awards for it! Your campaigns are in excellent hands with us.

Fuelled by a focus on performance and value for money, not how much you are spending – you can trust our recommendations are coming from the right place. Our data-driven approach means we are constantly improving performance of our campaigns.

We have excellent long-standing partnerships with the major platforms in the programmatic business, which means we deliver successful advertising.

We’re helping a variety of companies implement programmatic campaigns that, alongside Google Search, Display, Google Shopping and Facebook Ads campaigns, are taking their businesses to new heights.

Demystifying Programmatic Advertising

We’ll make sure to give you an understanding on what programmatic really is, what it can do for your business, and the benefits of incorporating it as part of your overall marketing strategy. We believe in transparency.

It doesn’t matter where your current knowledge levels are. Whether you’re completely new to programmatic advertising, or ready to take things to the next level, our expert team can help!

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