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Ready to reach new users for your app campaign? Learn how our Universal App Campaigns can help your app receive downloads and engagement.

What is a Universal App Campaign?

Whether you’ve just launched or have noticed a drop in downloads, having an appropriate strategy to drive customers to your application is crucial. Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) allow businesses to reach their desired audience and promote their application across Google’s entire ad network. This network includes powerful platforms like YouTube, Google Search, and Google Play – an extremely beneficial platform for marketing an app. An optimised campaign for your application takes advantage of Google’s advertising platform and data to reach the right audience.

Our Approach to Google UAC

Whether you’re looking to increase app downloads or have considered launching an application, we can help. Our SEM, SEO, and social media analysts work alongside UI specialists and content creators to unify your campaigns and drive users to your app store listing.

Our App Store Optimisation team will work on your application listing. An optimised app store listing increases conversion rates from your Google UAC. Our teams work closely and collaboratively to deliver a powerful, consistent strategy to boost your app downloads.

Through Google Play Console, our analysts can implement copy and media assets. This content is optimised to feature target keywords and promote the core benefits of your application. Pure SEO can help you maintain and develop your strategy to align with evolving goals.

Performance Max Campaigns

Google introduced performance max campaigns in 2020. This change introduced a new way to buy ads across YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps from a single campaign.

We can optimise your Performance Max campaign, aligning it with your conversion goals and managing Smart Bidding to drive results for your business.

Maintain Your App’s Success with Pure SEO

A strong plan of action is just half of the work. Our analysts work to maintain your campaign performance and share reports. In the background, we will work to maintain downloads, prevent uninstalls, and monitor ratings and reviews. We focus on building usability and driving engagement. Downloads are great, but regular active users are even better!

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