Squarespace SEO

Planning to publish a website through Squarespace? and our expert advice can help you make the best possible use of this popular platform.

Squarespace is a popular platform and CMS with a range of SEO tools you can use to help your website rank and become more visible to search engines, and our expert advice can help you make the best possible use of them.


Boost Visibility with Squarespace SEO

Most of the tools provided by Squarespace for search engine optimsation revolve around ensuring that each page on your website has the correct metadata. This is because the websites created by the platform are built with clean indexing by Google in mind, leaving much of the content optimisaiton to the user. This means what you put on your site matters, but it’s largely the only thing you need to focus on.

There are many different areas of your website where you can add information about yourself, your services, and each page. It’s best to be as thorough as possible when adding this information.

Next, set-up social sharing that will encourage visitors to share your pages. Don’t forget to add SEO descriptions to each page to describe the content of the page. You should also check your page and title formats and ensure you follow content best practices for all pages.

After publishing, you should remember to verify your site with Google Search Console, request Google to index your site, verify the site with Bing Webmaster Tools, connect to Google Analytics, and enable AMP for your blog page.


Top Squarespace SEO knowledge from the Experts

While you can follow a thorough Squarespace search engine optimisation checklist before and after publishing your Squarespace website, the scope of your SEO strategy should be more in-depth, and will need to be based on your unique marketing needs. Search engine technology frequently changes too, so your site may need more help to stay up to date. At Pure SEO, we can help build your Squarespace site and keep it optimised for search engines.

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