SEO & CRO – Need to Know with the Marketing Association

A one-day short course for digital marketers and business decision makers. In collaboration with the Marketing Association.

Pure SEO conducts the SEO component of this course with the Marketing Association.

You will work in groups to analyse, discuss and present ideas around search, content and link acquisition. You will need a laptop and ideally a Google Ads log-in (one per table).

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants take-home value from an SEO course run by industry leaders.
  • Someone that wants to understand what their agency is doing for them and to check that everything is properly covered.


SEO – Course Overview

  • An overview about SEO
  • The anatomy of a web page. What elements are most important for SEO & CRO
  • Keyword Research
  • Mobile Search
  • Off-page SEO – an intro to linkbuilding techniques
  • The latest developments in the industry
  • Real data & statistics
  • The future of search – voice optimisation, artificial intelligence, and more.
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