Native Advertising

Native Advertising ads are highly effective as they match the look and feel of the content that they appear alongside.

Many local and international media industry outlets have native advertising options available. Enquire with us today to have your ads displayed next to the top news stories and featured articles of the day.


What is Native Advertising?

Native ads are paid content. They often appear in newsfeeds and recommended content, and do so in a non-disruptive fashion to incentivise clicks. For example, native ads might be paid ads in Facebook feeds, or recommended articles that appear below the one you just finished.

However, consumers may feel that unknowingly clicking on paid content is misleading and devalues the publisher. So, how do you recognise a native ad? A few signs can tell the consumer if the ad is native. Use of the words ‘recommended’, ‘promoted’, ‘sponsored’ are all signs of a native ad. Now the question is, why use these for your business?


Why Use Native Advertising?

Native ads are quite a prominent form of advertising once you understand their purpose. They aren’t supposed to fool consumers into thinking they are not clicking on paid content, rather, native ads are meant to add value to their online search and purchase decisions. The overall goal of native ads is to remain relevant and exciting to the audience. They are also a helpful tool in avoiding ad fatigue, by exposing your brand to the viewer amongst editorial content. If done right, native ads can be one of your business’ best investments!


How Native Advertising Can Help Your Business

Investing in native ads is a highly favourable decision for building brand awareness and trust. Native ads have 53% more views than display ads, which leads to a higher CTR (clickthrough rate) and better brand reach. It is currently ubiquitous for both local and international media industry outlets to offer native advertising options.

The opportunity for your business to swoop up these benefits is only a few clicks away. Here at Pure SEO, we pride ourselves on our online advertising specialities, so, enquire with us today to have your native ads bring the ROI that you’re dreaming of!


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