Editorial Calendar

Use an editorial calendar to schedule your content and drive audiences to your website.

A content calendar (also known as an “editorial calendar”) is a key element of any digital content marketing strategy, as it provides you with a written schedule of content you plan to publish. You can use a calendar to plan which date each piece of content should be finished, and outline the general details of what it should entail. You can even use an editorial calendar to pre-plan which platforms you want to publish through.


Why Are Content Calendars Important?

The main goal of a calendar is to make sure you have a content strategy planned out in advance. This is a major advantage when trying to keep a regular publishing schedule. You can also use the calendar to make sure that content is planned for appropriate times, as some industries have major events that need to be accounted for, and others might want to create seasonal content around holidays or other key dates.

However, planning content six to twelve months in advance doesn’t mean you can’t change your ideas as you go! In many cases, a blog concept might be replaced by a more topical one that reacts to industry updates, trends, or breaking news. What the calendar provides is a solid plan A for you to rely on if ad hoc content doesn’t come together, and a bank of ideas to use in the future if other ad hoc content does come together.

Ultimately, if you’re trying to grow your business or improve your website’s health by producing digital content, organisation is critical. Content calendars are fantastic at tracking how much work needs to happen and when, and helps you think ahead in terms of your content opportunities.


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