Business Blogging Myths To Be Aware Of

Pulling your hair out with your company blog? Or you have one and you don’t know why? Here are some myths to expel to leave you feeling less confused and to point you back in the right direction!


Myth #1 – You need fresh content (All the time!)

Google’s freshness update back in 2011 spread the belief that you always need to be pushing out fresh, new content all of the time. While we believe that fresh content is important, it’s not worth it unless it’s quality combined with freshness.

Myth #2 – Quantity – More, More, More

While the Panda update has largely solved this issue for us, it still does happen. More content is not necessarily better and can actually be harmful to your site if its not used or relevant. The aim of having a blog is for your company to have a voice, and for people to be able to see your content whether it’s visual or written. If people aren’t seeing or viewing what you have to say on your site, it probably doesn’t belong on your site to begin with.


Myth #3 Blogging helps SEO

If you are using your blog for SEO purposes, it’s time to stop this now if you haven’t already. Blog posts are certainly not the place to put all of your keywords. Avoid the spam tactics!! Focus on writing good quality, well put together, natural, human readable articles and you will be good to go. If you are writing about a topic that you know a lot about this should naturally come together for you.

Blog posts can have more chances of hurting your site then actually being beneficial if they lack effort and authenticity. Keep this in mind.

Myth #4 – Your blog is a news feed

Okay so you’re not a major news site, nor are you swimming with the likes of Mashable, Moz, SearchEngineLand, The NZ Herald or TechCrunch. To put it plainly there are literally thousands of great news sites on the internet in every industry sector imaginable. Unless your business is centered around aggregating mass content that is newsworthy, we recommend staying away from this format for your blog.

Connect with your audience and write about what they want to hear.

Myth #5 – Blogs are for lead generation

Okay while this is half true. On first touch, blogs are generally not going to generate leads for your business. Maybe one day, after you have been connecting and engaging with your readers for some time.

blog crop

To summarise; while company blogging is good practise if you’re not going to put the effort in we recommend you invest your time elsewhere. Use your blog to express your opinion and showcase your expertise on a subject and your industry. Be a thought leader. With effort comes quality and this really reflects in readership.

Have fun, be natural, discover your voice and tell your story.

The Pure SEO Team

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