How to Choose a Fantastic SEO Agency (Video)

Not all SEO agencies are created equal. Much like when talking to a mechanic about a possible fault in your vehicle, you need to be able to trust the experts you’re engaging to work in a field you might not fully understand.  But how do you know who is going to look after your business properly?

Tips for Finding a Quality SEO Agency

As an SEO agency that has spent many years in the industry, we know what to look for. Here are some easy steps to identify if you are talking with a quality SEO provider:

  • Does the SEO provider you are talking with rank themselves, not for just one keyword, but for multiple relevant keywords? After all, if they can’t do it for themselves, how will they do it for you?
  • Is the process they use Google’s best practise? Although this can be harder to find out, you can ask the agency if they have received any Google penalties for the work they have done. You can also check if they are a registered Google partner, as this will indicate their level of proficiency.
  • Last but not least, will the agency be transparent in what work they are doing for you on a monthly basis? Check in on their reporting systems – do they deliver a monthly report with easily understandable metrics? Do they answer your questions in plain English?

Most of the time it is best practice to just trust your gut. An agency that treats you and your business vision with respect is far more likely to deliver on your KPIs, keep you up to date with any changes, and be honest with you regarding your requirements. If the agency ticks all these boxes, then you are on to a winner.

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Dallas Rabot

Dallas is Pure SEO's Head of Product. He has over a decade of local and overseas experience in Search Engine Optimisation. He previously co-founded a web & mobile app development company and holds multiple industry-leading SEO certifications.

Dallas is interested in the intersection between digital media & business. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Auckland - a Film, TV & Media Studies major, and a Diploma in Business from Auckland University of Technology.

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