Pure SEO Interviews: Nathan James

Following our captivating conversation with Stanley Henry, we are excited to bring you another interview from “The Attention Seeker” team. Meet Nathan James, Exec Creative Director and General Manager. Working alongside Stanley, Nathan is a problem-solver with a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to bring to the table.

In this interview, we explore Nathan’s perspective on the challenges businesses and entrepreneurs face today. His experience, honesty, humour, and knack for storytelling add to the value of this interview.

Intro and Growth

Pure SEO: The Attention Seeker has seen remarkable growth in a short span of time, a feat not easily accomplished. What key strategies have been pivotal for this rapid success?

Nathan James: As our name suggests, we’ve concentrated our efforts on attention. Generating consistent and regular content across LinkedIn and TikTok has created a strong pipeline. From there, we’re just investing as much as we can back into the business. Sign clients. Staff-up. Rinse. Repeat.

In a field that’s constantly evolving, how do you maintain an innovative culture within your team?

The reality is that the evolution is in the medium, not the message. Storytelling is key, no matter what platform you use. Combining strong strategic thinking, storytelling, and people who understand the platforms means our culture is natively innovative.

Marketing and Social Media

What constitutes a ‘win’ for a client at The Attention Seeker?

Varies on the client’s goals – but largely, being considered a part of our audience’s network without ever physically meeting.

Other than social media marketing, what other marketing do you do? And what do you utilise to measure your return on investment?

We market ourselves by being the best we can be at doing what we sell ourselves.

With such a strong following on LinkedIn and TikTok, how do you envision these platforms evolving? Especially in the context of video advertising?

Inevitably, these platforms will become tired as new technologies and audiences emerge. I’m not a soothsayer, so predicting how they’ll change would be foolish. The evolution is uncertain, but the knowledge that they will [evolve] ensures we’re as ready as we can be for the next phase.

Given your focus on LinkedIn and TikTok, what are some of the unique challenges and opportunities in advertising on these platforms?

Many agencies and people misunderstand the basics of social media marketing. They forget that they were all developed as communities. People belong to them because they are just that. Swaggering in and shouting at people in existing communities doesn’t work in the real world, so people should stop expecting that to work online.

What are some emerging trends in video advertising that you think will become more critical in the next few years?

Telling stories.

Are you exploring any tools or technologies, such as AI, to automate or enhance your video advertising efforts?

We use AI. But we understand that (currently) they are just tools. As is a trowel or a screwdriver. So, we use AI in a situation that requires a tool.

With AI and automation becoming integral in businesses, how do you see the role of the human marketer evolving?

As above. Tools need someone to use them, or they are just tools. Our job is to get as good as we can at using the tools.

Ethical Considerations and Personal Branding

What are some ethical considerations when it comes to video advertising in personal branding?

Simply. Don’t be a dick.

The Attention Seeker is quite active on social media. How do you balance consistency with quality to ensure you’re not alienating your audience?

The idea of quality is constantly changing. Quality kinda means relatability at the moment.

Given today’s climate of ‘cancel culture’, have you had any reservations about the content you publish? If so, how do you mitigate any pushback?

One of our core pillars is ‘Don’t be a dick’ – that’s our measure. People will always find something to offend them; we can’t control that. We can just do our best to be comfortable with what we share.

Work-Life Balance

How do you strike the perfect balance between your professional responsibilities and your personal life?

The work-life balance has changed. We encourage our staff to not work outside office hours, but if you enjoy something, you’ll do it when you like, right?

Final Thoughts

Do you have any final tips or takeaways you’d like to share about marketing and achieving business success?

Get as much attention as you can.

Here’s an out-of-the-box finale question – can you tell us one thing that will blow our minds?

I went to the London College Of Fashion 🤣

Nathan James: Exec Creative Director and General Manager at The Attention Seeker
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Amanda serves as the Marketing Manager at Pure SEO. She thrives on crafting marketing content and collaborating seamlessly with the team to drive successful marketing initiatives. With expertise in SEO copywriting and content creation, she's worked with clients across various sectors and loves creating creative, relatable content for marketing. Beyond her professional role, Amanda is passionate about mental health, family, travel, and continuous learning.

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