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    Instagram Updates Search Functionality for Keywords

    Move over #hashtags! Social media giant Instagram has gotten busy this past month and has released a new functionality: allowing users to search for content with keywords in addition to traditional hashtags. Learn more about this new feature below...
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    New Updates from Instagram Gets a Hard Pass from Users

    Instagram recently released world-shaking updates within the app, but you read it right, the platform’s users aren’t particularly ecstatic. The recent Instagram app overhaul suggests the company is going full force on Reels and Shopping, which...
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    Google Webmasters Changes Name to Google Search Central

    Out with the old and in with the new! Google Webmasters announced that it’s rebranding from Google Webmaster to Google Search Central. They’re also releasing a new face alongside the Googlebot mascot in the coming days. Why the name change? The...
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    Tips for Black Friday SEO

    As the holiday season ushers in, consumers are all eyes and ears on this year’s huge annual shopping event: Black Friday. Starting on November 27th, consumers will make their way to different websites and apps in hopes to get the best deals...
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    WhatsApp Unveils New Online Shopping Features

    Good news for WhatsApp users! You can now directly buy from companies online with WhatsApp chats. Thanks to Facebook’s new development with the app, the two social media moguls announced brand new tools that help businesses sell more online and...
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    Instagram Social Media

    Instagram Hacks You’d Want to Know to Boost Website Traffic (2020)

    Instagram may not be the number one thing that pops into your head when you want to drive more traffic to your website. After all, the platform isn’t exactly link friendly. While the platform is image-heavy, however, there are still ways to...
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    Google Introduces Google Analytics 4: Here’s What You Need to Know

    Let’s face it: many of us wouldn’t be able to do business on Google without Google Analytics. Businesses online rely on Google Analytics to understand customer preferences, create great online experiences, and better serve user needs. But as...
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    What is “Digital Transformation” in Marketing

    Digital transformation is an all-too-familiar phrase that gets thrown around often in the professional landscape and within multiple industries. But what does it exactly mean? And how does it relate to the work of marketing? Digital transformation...
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