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Matthew was born and raised in Auckland's North Shore, graduating from the Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Communication Studies in 2021. An Advertising Creativity major led him to discover his love for words and ultimately pursue a career in copywriting.

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    What Does ROI for SEO Look Like?

    Whether you’re implementing SEO independently or with an SEO company in Auckland, there are ways to look at ROI for SEO and estimate your strategy’s success. This article explains how to calculate your ROI and reveals some key tips for improving...
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    Social Media

    How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

    An overwhelming amount of opportunity exists online for business owners looking to expand their social media marketing. However, knowing where to invest your efforts can be difficult, especially with the growing number of social media channels...
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    News Voice SEO

    How Will Web3 Impact SEO?

    After decades of sharing user-driven content, the exploration of web 2.0 has peaked. Today, information about web3 (web 3.0, the semantic web) is becoming increasingly popular, especially in its potential concerning virtual realities,...
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    Google Ads SEM

    Display Ads Vs Discovery Ads

    A successful digital marketing strategy starts with understanding the various platforms at your disposal. As an SEO company in Auckland, pay-per-click, Google Analytics, and all things digital marketing is second nature to us. Google offers a...
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    Guides SEO

    Page Experience and Website Performance: The Ultimate Guide

    As Google continues to add new tools and features for developers, user experience has become a key factor for SEO. We explain how website performance and experience can affect your rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs) and how it’s...
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    Content Guides On-page Optimisation SEO

    The Pure SEO Guide to Heading Structure

    Heading structure is one of the determining signals for rankings in search engine results. It also helps to improve user experience. Implementing a heading structure for SEO is an easy and effective way to make your content easier to navigate and...
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    Guides On-page Optimisation SEO

    The Pure SEO Guide to Internal Linking

    Internal linking is a simple yet effective element of any successful SEO strategy. Google can navigate and contextualise your website more effectively if it has a wealth of links to help it move from each page to others. Internal linking empowers...
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    Analytics Google

    Google Analytics: Understanding Key Terms

    Google Analytics reports can be overwhelming at first glance, and fairly difficult to wrap your head around. If you’re unsure about certain aspects and skim through them without properly grasping the information, you may miss out on some...
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    Google My Business Local SEO SEO

    How To Optimise Your Google My Business Listing

    One of the most powerful tools developed for local SEO is Google My Business Listings. These are the little cards and business listings that pop up in search results in Google and Google Maps. You’ve likely run into some of these listings and may...
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