4 Tips to Nail Your Holiday SEO

With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales comes the beginning  of holiday period. So what does your holiday SEO strategy look like?

Consider that, for some businesses, this means that means the beginning of an incredibly busy period for business, as people buy, buy, buy. For others, it is a chance for a break, once holiday business is in order.

It is important not to neglect your SEO through this period. If you are an eCommerce website or offer services that will be crucial over the holiday and Summer period, this is your peak season. People will be looking for your website – so you want to help them find it.
Today we will be talking through 4 things you can do in order to help lock down your holiday SEO.

Create holiday specific content

Content that is holiday specific means content that is exploring what people are searching for, or helps define what they want. That means now is the time to break out those Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Mum, or the Best Summer Drinks to Take to The Beach.
People search Google for advice on what to buy, what to eat, what to wear. The lead-up to Christmas marks probably the most intense period of queries, as people research what to buy.

Update your keywords

Begin with your analytics. Which pages are working and which are not? This is a good time to properly look over your pages, updating your keywords as you add new products to your inventory.
Even adding holiday or season specific keywords is a great idea. For example, let us say you sell shoes. “Sneakers” is going to be a very difficult keyword to rank for, but “summer sneakers for men” may be easier.

Understand your mobile-market

Is your commerce website mobile ready? With Google’s Mobile-first indexing rolled out, it is crucial that you have a website optimized for mobile use.

We know that buyers shop on their phone, but also research on their phone. Mobile shopping trend that is going to keep on continuing – so it will pay dividends over summer, but also in the long term, to think critically about how your website operates on mobile.

Begin by testing your website with Google here to explore the mobile site speed. From there, you may find you need to compress your visual content so it is well compressed. Next is understanding whether your website is generally mobile friendly – another test with Google can provide pointers on what to do.

Understanding where mobile factors into the buyer’s journey for your product is crucial. Your Analytics will help give you insight into whether people are purchasing, or just researching over mobile, and can help you optimise for the mobile users’ journey to purchase

Plan ahead for holiday SEO

That means starting now, for the Summer period of holidays. The sooner you develop your mobile optimisation the better – especially if you are an eCommerce business. The sooner your update your keywords with holiday, or season specific keywords, the better. Developing blog content now means more readers and, ultimately, more buyers. The best time to start planning your SEO strategy for the holiday period was yesterday… so start today.

Are you needing to talk to search engine marketing and optimisation experts in New Zealand?

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