Seven Mistakes You Might be Making with Your Web Copy

Put down that pencil! Fingers off that keyboard! Stop slaving over your web copy until you’ve read these seven mistakes that could be killing your success.

If you’ve been publishing web copy that doesn’t bring in sign-ups and sales, you may be making one of these common copywriting blunders.

1. You Don’t Know Who You’re Talking To

Your ideal visitor is not just anyone. Your ideal visitor is someone who will benefit from your product or service. Knowing your target audience means you can identify your reader’s pain points and understand what truly matters to them. You may think you know what your audience wants but do your research to be sure.

2. You’re Talking About Yourself Too Much

The hard truth is that no one cares about your company, product or service. They care about themselves, what makes them feel good. Don’t waffle on about every single specification and feature. Tell your visitors what you can do for them. Will your product make them happier, healthier or more productive? Boost leads and revenue? Solve an annoying problem?

3. You Aren’t Using Powerful Words

“Imagine” – When you ask someone to imagine something they don’t see it as a real task. It’s just a mind exercise. By getting someone to imagine owning something, they feel as if they already have it. Get your visitor to feel a sense of ownership for your offering. Not only do they understand the benefits, they also have a strong desire to keep those benefits.

“You” – This is an obvious one. You is a powerful word because it speaks directly to your reader. We love talking about ourselves, there is nothing more appealing than our own interests.

4. You’re Asking For Money Too Soon

You need to win business. You don’t get that by asking for money immediately. Prove your worth and your value to the visitor first. Let your visitors learn and gain value from your content. Then you can start talking business.

5. You’re Using Too Many Long Sentences

Bullet points. Repetition. Alliteration. These are just some of the ways to break up your copy. Don’t make your readers’ eyes glaze over because you’re trying to put too much information into one sentence. Simplify and shorten the sentences.

6. You Aren’t Being Clear Enough

Your call-to-action has to stand out and be clear. Don’t leave your reader confused about what to do next.

7. You Aren’t Putting Google First

Stuffing keywords into your copy just so you might rank in Google is not a good method. It kills any persuasiveness and makes the copy look bland. Write for your audience above all else and then optimise your content for search engines.

Leave these mistakes behind and bound towards achieving your lead generation goals with optimised web content. Want more qualified leads? Check out our comprehensive guide to lead generation below.

Prabin Yonzon

Prabin is the Head of Organic Search and CRO at Pure SEO. He has over nine years of experience in digital marketing, specialising in SEO, CRO, and analytics. Apart from his day-to-day work at Pure SEO, he is also highly involved in conducting webinars and in-house training for some of the well-known brands in New Zealand and overseas.

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