A Healthy Dose of SEO for Your Website

A strong healthy website should be flourishing at the top of Google generating sales, consumer interaction and a digital buzz. Unfortunately though, maintaining a healthy digital profile requires constant attention and tailored actions to achieve this goal.

It’s a lot like getting your body fit and in its peak condition. It takes a persistent exercise regimen, balanced diet, and continual work. In the digital world SEO professionals can be considered your website’s personal trainer focused on trimming the fat and building muscle that will give it needed strength to dominate in the search engine arena.


Check out the following SEO insight to how to shape up your website and get the most out of your online presence.


1. Have a keyword rich diet – From an SEO perspective the more original keyword rich content on your website the better. Opposed to how it may seem, Google can’t read minds or know what your website is all about without the appropriate keywords embedded on your site.

The more relevant content and keywords on your site the more Google understands what you offer and when to list it in searches. Check out your title tags and optimise the keyword tags to contain relevant keywords tailored to each page. Make sure your content is relevant, keyword rich and current.

Keep in mind that if you write for your audience and are careful not to spam your content with too many repetitive keywords, you will be writing well for search engines too. Adding a blog to your website is a great way to make sure your website is getting a good regular dose of keyword rich content.

2. Foster a strong lifeline – Link building gets links from quality highly regarded sites to point back to your website, which act as votes or support for your website. These links are usually in the form of press releases, marketed articles, blog posts, forum posts, social bookmarks, link bait and more. Don’t let your website struggle out there in the online world all alone; get the needed link support that will boost you to the top.

3. Maintain a healthy social life – A psychologist may say maintaining strong social connections and meaningful friendships is the key to a happy life. We say monitoring and keeping an updated online social profile amongst selected social media platforms is the key to a positive company image. Your social media efforts will not only allow you to connect to your customers on a more personal level, but also has proven SEO benefits.

4. Live in a good location – When it comes to local search your location is the key factor! Make sure you have optimised your Google Places account; meaning you have a fully completed profile and customer reviews. This will help you rise to the top to the top of Google Places search results and get the attention of your target audience searching for your local services or products.


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Follow this simple SEO prescription to get real results and an improved online presence.

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