Advanced Google AdWords Tips & Tricks for Business

Google AdWords is a cheap & extremely effective way of getting targeted traffic and sales to your website. However, there is a huge difference in cost per click and conversion rate between well set up campaigns and campaigns that have been ‘cobbled’ together.

I have been running AdWords campaigns since 2002 (2 years after it started) and have seen a multitude of changes. This post will look at a couple of ‘sneaky’ advanced options that not many people in New Zealand are aware of… until they read this anyway.

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Have you ever noticed that some websites (including ours!) get links below their search results to inner pages of the website.


Google Sitelinks

Well you can actually do the same in AdWords. Whereas with the search site links you cannot stipulate to Google to show your links, with AdWords you can. A full Google guide to setting up sitelinks can be found here: http://adwords.google.com/support/aw/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=164778

To add sitelinks to your AdWords campaign you need to go to the Ad extensions tab on your Google AdWords account:

In recent times Google has now added 3 levels of sitelinks to Google Ads, this benefits both advertisers and consumers – a win win!!!



Now remarketing is one of my favourite tools in Google AdWords… and what’s even better is it is totally free! Have you ever noticed that some image and text adverts seem to appear everywhere – you just can’t seem to get away from them? That my friends is remarketing.

What remarketing does is it puts a cookie on the computer of one of your website visitors. Once you have had over 500 visitors remarketing kicks in and literally follows these visitors around.

Everyone knows that it often takes a few touch points to convert a potential customer – remarketing is great for creating these extra touch points, making sure that you are in front of your customers when they are thinking about your product and services.

One last thought before I go for the day…. Our agency manages over $100,000NZD a week for our clients on Google AdWords. Can you imagine how many agencies there are like ours and bigger doing the same across the globe…. The mind boggles. Great business strategy though. Have a look at our Google AdWords management process.

Google AdWords has loads of great features that not many people or agencies in New Zealand know exist. This blog post will ‘reveal’ a couple of my personal favourites – don’t tell to many people though… wouldn’t want to give away too many tricks of the trade!

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