All Google’d Up!

In late March, Team Pure was in for a special treat: We were invited to attend the Google Partners Masterclass at the Hilton in Auckland. The crowd featured professionals from fields as diverse as Digital Marketing, Web Design, Copywriting, Video Production, and many more, all of whom share a passion for Organic SEO and Google products.

Aside from spectacular harbour views and excellent food, we also learned a great deal about latest Google feature updates and how our clients can profit from those new releases.

US entrepreneur Dave Booth of Cardinal Path, the main speaker, addressed all there is to know about the State of the AdWords Union.

We tackled offline integration and advertising, domain/conversion tracking, multiple device tracking, tools for social media tracking, marketing integration, review extensions, Analytics Universal beta, tag management etc. etc.

If you have questions about any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you understand them better and integrate them into your SEO strategy.

Dave Booth & Limon Ghosh (Photo: Limon Ghosh)

Aside from discussing Google tools, Dave’s presentation was insightful beyond the techie bits, especially his tangent on team value and how a business’ growth is linked to the strength of its people. From his personal journey, Dave concluded that it is better to be a master at only one skill than being average at everything.

Pure SEO embraces this philosophy, too: We focus on SEO/SEM and closely related services, rather than offering a vast range of marketing or digital design services in which we do not specialise. We prefer to refer our clients to our partners, who are specialists in those fields.

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