Bartercard IPO | Looking At The Bartercard Initial Public Offering

Like all young businesses, Pure SEO is always looking for opportunities to gain a competitive advantage and increase market share.

So six months ago Pure SEO joined Bartercard as part of our strategy for business growth. We were apprehensive at first, however, with the support and networking opportunities of Bartercard we have been able to make great headway with our business strategy.


Bartercard has enabled us to target new business in regional areas where we previously didn’t have a presence, and we hope to continue our growth into the regions outside of Auckland with Bartercard’s help.

We’ve also been able to take advantage of that additional income to generate new cash customers, utilising Bartercard’s broad network of members who trade in media.

We expect Bartercard to remain an important part of our business strategy going forward and so it is interesting to note that Bartercard’s international operation has launched an IPO with the intention of publicly listing the company on the ASX in early September.

BPS Technology Ltd (the listing entity) says the successful Bartercard IPO will allow them to acquire Bartercard NZ, which currently accounts for 23 percent of the exchange’s global income.

It will be interesting to see how the Bartercard IPO performs, given that tech stocks have been bouncing about in recent times, and perhaps there will be new international opportunities afoot for Bartercard members.

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