Bing Ads Becomes Microsoft Advertising After Latest Rebrand

As part of a larger push toward greater data collection, personalisation through AI, and automation, Bing Ads has officially rebranded to become Microsoft Advertising. The rebrand marks the high point of an extended product rollout period, as Microsoft seeks to capitalise on 100 consecutive months of Bing share growth and compete more forcefully with Google Ads.

The rollout will primarily feature two new Microsoft Advertising features: The Microsoft Audience Network and Sponsored Products.

Is Microsoft Advertising any different from Bing Ads?

The rebranding effort for Microsoft Advertising occurs in tandem with new product rollouts for the Microsoft Audience Network and Sponsored Products. Both of these products have already debuted, so aside from the URL switch (BingAds.com is no more!), digital marketers are unlikely to notice any major shifts for now aside from more comprehensive performance.

More meaningful, more timely, and more valuable — this is how we see advertising evolving.

Rik van der Koi, Corporate VP for Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft also announced that they’ll be rolling out more advertising products with built-in AI that’s “more connected to your data and your business.”

Learn more about the Microsoft Advertising rebrand here!

What is the Microsoft Audience Network?

Microsoft calls their new Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN), “A smarter way to target your ideal customer.”

This new display network expands on the previous Bing Audience Network, integrating data collected across Microsoft platforms that include search (Bing), social (LinkedIn), as well as Windows and Office365 users. MSAN will display ads on Microsoft properties such as Outlook, Edge browser, and Microsoft’s homepage MSN.

With 120 million Office365 subscriptions, 1.5 billion Windows users, and a social media platform angled toward business professionals, MSAN has a strong argument to make that it can reach and accurately target many people currently outside the Google and Facebook’s scope.

What is Sponsored Products?

The Sponsored Products program gives manufacturers the opportunity to expand the visibility of select products through new optimisation and reporting to drive greater traffic and conversions. On the customer end, they will be able to filter, suggest, and visually search and find relevant products.

Sponsored Products is, at least for now, available only in the United States.

Will Microsoft Advertising Affect New Zealand Digital Marketing?

Bing is currently used for less than 3% of all search engine queries in New Zealand, but this number seemingly undervalues Microsoft’s digital marketing reach. In reality, nearly 40% of PCs in New Zealand use Windows, and Office 365 has a higher market share in NZ than any other country in the world.

So, while Microsoft may have a more isolated reach than Google and Facebook, the quality of their new ads platform should not be dismissed.

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