The Opportunities and Challenges of Enterprise SEO

When you hear the phrase “Enterprise SEO”, you may be wondering how this differs from traditional SEO. In general, this term refers to SEO practices for large enterprise websites, but what really goes into the nitty gritty of it?
In this blog, we give you a rundown of Enterprise SEO and go through some of the challenges and opportunities that arise from this particular breed of digital marketing.

What is enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO refers to search engine optimisation completed for an enterprise site. These sites have thousands (or millions) of pages to maintain, and these pages have a direct impact on the company’s revenue, e.g. a clothing retailer with hundreds of product categories and pages.
Another key quality of an enterprise site is website authority. Websites that are leaders in their field are also classified as enterprise sites, especially if the website is a critical factor in maintaining brand image. If a business has a large team completing complex SEO work on their site, then you can usually assume this is an enterprise site since the business is investing in SEO to increase revenue.

What are the key challenges of Enterprise SEO?

It’s no surprise that websites with thousands of pages are bound to have some SEO issues, mostly due to sheer scale. The importance of these sites for revenue production also means that companies need to put in the extra effort to get everything right.
So, what are the key challenges for Enterprise SEO?

1. Page Volume

If you come up against a technical issue, or decide you want to make changes on an enterprise site, the number of pages that will need to be addressed means these changes need to be carefully considered. Actions need to be justified and implemented correctly as there are generally no quick fixes when working with a high volume of pages, and if you get it wrong, you may end up with more problems than you started with.

2. Legacy Work

Enterprise sites for large companies will have had their website running for years. On top of having a lot of pages to consider, there are also inbound links and domain authority ratings on these pages that need to be treated carefully. Legacy content often needs to be updated, but you don’t want to lose any acquired page authority, so this is a challenge that Enterprise SEO teams need to work around.

3. High Keyword Competition

At the enterprise level, sites are usually competing with other big companies who have the resources to spend on first-class SEO. It’s vital to have an SEO strategy that will get your pages to the top spots for your identified product keywords. The importance of this can’t be underestimated, as in the enterprise world traffic has a direct impact on revenue.

What are the key opportunities of an Enterprise SEO strategy?

While Enterprise SEO does come with its own challenges, there are some tips and tricks that can make handling these sites easier to help drive significant results for your company.

1. SEO Task Automation

Automation is a key part of Enterprise SEO that makes handling the multitude of pages simpler. SEO management tools allow you to create rules that set up pages and deliver content such as metadata automatically. A job that could take weeks for one person can be done in a day!
SEO management systems also allow for templates to be used to map out each page, which are then filled in with product information pulled from a database. This can save a lot of time but needs a sophisticated system to complete the task without errors.

2. Local Content

Content templates also allow for improvements in local search visibility. Large enterprise sites often operate in different locations, so providing content specific to each location can drive conversions. Focusing on a “near me” strategy and providing key information for users such as address and operating hours means that offline conversions can increase.

3. Small Changes Drive Big Results

The best reason to consider implementing an Enterprise SEO strategy is because of the significant results this can bring in terms of brand authority and revenue. With the right strategy, product pages can rank higher and higher in the SERP, which translate to more and more conversions.
At enterprise level, these conversions impact the company’s bottom line significantly so investing in Enterprise SEO is a must-do.

The Pure SEO approach to Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is our flagship product, so we know the process in and out. Our highly skilled team of SEO specialists work with global brands to create customised campaigns and deliver real results.
Pure SEO takes a three-pronged approach to Enterprise SEO. This includes:
• Site Architecture & Technical Elements
• On-page Content Creation & Optimisation
• Link Acquisition & Off-page Presence
Our SEO Analysts, Link Builders and Content team complete ongoing monthly SEO tasks, including project management, performance analysis and reporting, and SEO consultation. We provide a multitude of one-off SEO tasks which will be recommended based on your business needs. These include blog post and landing page creation, keyword research, technical audits, meta mapping reports, competitor analyses and much more.
Whether you have an existing Enterprise SEO system which you need help maintaining, or want to achieve the amazing results a fully-fledged Enterprise SEO strategy can deliver, we can help.
Contact Pure SEO today to arrange a free consultation and find out how we can launch your enterprise site on the path to success.

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