Google All Stars Day 1

Getting to San Francisco for the All Stars competition did not start well. After drinking a few Pinots in the Koru lounge, we were informed the flight had been delayed, after a few more drinks and a few more delays we were finally informed the flight had been cancelled!

We then had to go through the whole customs process in New Zealand and collect our baggage even though we had never left the country. Time for a night in a hotel and try again at 3pm the following day.

The next day all went well, and we arrived in San Francisco 8am on Monday morning (having left NZ Monday afternoon!).

There turned out to be two of us winners on the flight, we were met by Kath from Zephr (the agency that organised the event for Google) and were taken to the Clift in SF.

The other winner was from Melbourne, but also a Brit originally.. And an Everton fan (like me) what are the chances?

The hotel was nice, we met up with another Aussie winner and decided to hit the streets.

After a surreal few hours walking through Hippy inspired streets and the golden gate park, we all crashed back at the hotel for a coule of hours before the welcome drinks with Google in the evening.

Drinks were good, it turned out there were 15 of us jet lagged folk and a few Googlers. It turned out that Pure were the only New Zealand agency selected and the rest were Aussies! Have to make sure to represent the Kiwis. After a few drinks and networking… Bed time… Tomorrow the Googleplex.

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