Meet AutoDraw – Your Personal Artificial Intelligence Artist

Now you can draw like a pro with AutoDraw! Google’s Artificial Intelligence team developed Autodraw to make drawing faster and easier for all of us. The best part? It is absolutely FREE and hassle FREE too.

AutoDraw is a web-based tool that pairs drawings with machine learning. When you draw on your laptop or tablet (or even your phone!), it is automatically paired with pre-designed drawings created by talented artists.

Here’s an example for you:

Imagine the image above represents the figure you drew. The following is the result with AutoDraw. The suggestion tool also lets you choose from a variety of drawings of similar figures.

Fantastic! Isn’t it? Now amateurs like you and I can be artists too! But if you are an experienced artist, get in touch with Google to help others create drawings with AutoDraw. You can also submit ideas about the figures you wish were incorporated in AutoDraws’ ‘suggestion tool’.

Imagine you are hosting a party and need a party flyer super quick, where do you turn to? You will probably download an app or shell out a few dollars buying a design program or something of the sort. Whether it is about creating a birthday card for your friend or a party flyer, AutoDraw is the solution.

The coolest part? There’s nothing to download. Just enter the website and go for gold!

AutoDraw’s suggestion tool concept originated from “Quick Draw”, a tool which guesses the meaning of your doodles. You can try it out!

Thanks to Google’s AI Experiments, drawing is easier and more fun for all of us. So start doodling, and let the magic begin!


Prabin Yonzon

Prabin is the Head of Organic Search and CRO at Pure SEO. He has over nine years of experience in digital marketing, specialising in SEO, CRO, and analytics. Apart from his day-to-day work at Pure SEO, he is also highly involved in conducting webinars and in-house training for some of the well-known brands in New Zealand and overseas.

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