This Week in Search: PayPal Available in AdWords and More Google Updates

Pure SEO’s This Week In Search series takes a look at the top SEO and SEM news stories from the week.

This week Google introduced PayPal to Adwords, more real-time data to search trends, labels to raw files, knowledge graph data to local panels, and audiobooks to its book search feature.


Paypal Now Available in AdWords

The e-commerce giant has extended its services to AdWords. Now, businesses can use PayPal for automatic payments in AdWords accounts. To set PayPal as the desired payment method, users will need to ensure their account’s billing address and currency combination match (i.e. New Zealand billing address with New Zealand dollars), and that their PayPal account is linked to their AdWords account. Users will need to disable their browser’s pop-up blocker to see the new window. How to cancel payment on PayPal? If you are unsure of the account you used for its payment you can always cancel it by signing in Google Ads account go to the tools icon under billing and choose summary, afte that you may now click Payment Methods and remove it from the list and nominate the account you wish to put. 

To find out more, visit AdWords Help.


Google Provides More Real-Time Data in Google Trends

It’s going to be easier to stay in the know with Google Trends’ new filters. Google Trends is providing more real-time data on the popularity of search terms conducted in organic search, News, Shopping, Images, and YouTube.

A new drop-down menu in News lets searchers filter data more finely than ever before. The same old filters are still there too, and can be applied in addition to the new ones. Google Trends’ new filters are available worldwide on mobile and desktop.


Google Labels PowerPoint Presentations and PDFs in Search

Now, all raw files of PowerPoint (PPTs) presentations and PDFs uploaded to a website can be indexed in search results. Google has updated its search results across mobile and desktop, introducing labels for PPTs and PDFs.

This will make it easier for searchers to identify these files, and it has the potential to increase click-through rates. It’s important to note that these grey labels will only appear when the search results link directly to a PPT or PDF file – files that are embedded in web pages will not be recognized.


Google Shows Knowledge Graph Data in Local Panels

More information about local businesses is being shown in some local knowledge panel results. Google has created additional tabs of information above the local panel for ‘Locations’, ‘About’, and sometimes ‘Google Posts’.  This will help searchers gain more insight about local businesses that interest them.


Google Book Search Now Includes Audiobook Results

Along with podcasts, audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular. To cater to the growing audience, Google has added an audiobook option to its book search feature. A search for a specific book title will now feature an ‘Audiobook’ button under the ‘Get Book’ tab, and users will be able to select their preferred audiobook app to listen to it on.


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