Google Announces Bumper Machine Tool & Smart TV Ads

Google has not been short on exciting announcements at this year’s Google Marketing Live event. The search engine giant has dropped major news about advances in video products. The introduction of the Bumper Machine made waves, as did the announcement that Display and Video 360 Ads are set to appear on Smart TVs. These new announcements are based on user data that has further informed the most effective way to reach and convert users.

The Bumper Machine and Video Ad Recall

Google’s Bumper Machine tool received a warm welcome at Google Marketing Live 2019. The Bumper Machine, according to Google, relies on machine learning models to automatically create short, 6-second video ads out of lengthier video assets. There will be several versions to choose from, and you’re able to adjust your final choices with simple edits.

This new tool will save marketers and creators time and resources when it comes to splicing and putting together shorter ads to fit the 6-second bill.

What are Bumper Ads?

Bumper Ads are brief video ads that appear before Youtube videos. They also appear periodically throughout longer videos. Bumper ads are six seconds long or shorter and can’t be skipped by viewers. Because users who encounter bumper ads are on their way to specific content, bumper ads typically have a lower click-through rate (though they often perform well alongside TrueView ads). For that reason, they are costed by cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). Your bid is paid for every 1,000 times your ad is shown.

Bumper ads were introduced in 2016 when user data made clear that shorter video ads are a more effective approach to Youtube marketing. Google’s statistics suggest that multiple short video ads lead to higher ad recall than do fewer long ads. In fact, a set of three six-second videos led to 107% higher ad recall than a single 30-second video ad, and boasted a 134% higher purchase intent.

Why are shorter ads more effective? Because users don’t want to sit through long advertisements before watching the video content they were searching for on Youtube.

Display & Video 360 Ads to appear on Smart TVs

The other major video news out of Google Marketing Live 2019 was some major platform hopping for Google Ads – Display and Video 360 Ads will soon be appearing on Smart TVs.

The rise of popularity in Smart TVs looks unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Smart TVs are cementing their status as the television of the future, and Google sees this as an opportunity to move display ads onto the turf of traditional media. Several channels are now in beta testing and ad spend is developing for national and many local television channels. So, could Google Marketing Live 2019 someday be pointed to as the beginning of the end of the traditional television commercial?

The power of Google marketing has never been clearer

Clearly, the world of digital marketing is expanding at a rapid rate. Google Ads is slowly consuming various forms of media outside the traditional search engine sphere, from Youtube to Smart TVs. Your business has never needed a trusted and celebrated SEO agency more than it does today. Pure SEO are New Zealand’s most awarded SEO agency. Contact us today to see how we can elevate your online presence, and follow the Pure SEO Blog for more of the latest Google news.

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