Google to Go

You are most likely familiar with using your mobile device to Google things on the go.

Whether you are at a pub with a friend and need some clarification on a debated topic or need to find the local show times for a new movie; it’s more than likely you’ve whipped out your phone and typed a search query into the Google bar.

This may seem like a simple enough process but during certain times such as on a bumpy bus ride or if you are visually impaired, typing out a search with the touch screen keyboard can prove to be a bit tricky.

There is no longer any need to worry though with Google’s handwriting tool. This is a fun new way to write in your searches by simply tracing the word on Google’s search screen with your finger. Google will then type the word into the search bar and bring up the most relevant answers.

To find out more, check out Google New Zealand’s blog here.

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