How to Use Google Trends for SEO & Content Strategies

Google Trends is a powerful tool for increasing the SEO ranking of your site and building robust and reliable content strategies for your business. Here, we break down how you can confidently wield this tool to enhance your overall online presence.


Using Google Trends to Build SEO Strategies

Keyword Traffic

The main feature of Google Trends is the keyword trend search function. Understanding the traffic for a particular keyword will inform the content you will create in the future. It’s also a vital indicator of whether you’re on the right track with the online trends. This knowledge is instrumental in optimising your SEO. Unlike other tools, Google Trends gives a more unambiguous indication of whether a keyword’s traffic is likely to have an upwards and downwards trend line. This is the backbone of all other benefits that Google Trends offers, as keywords are foundational to strong SEO.

Related Keywords

A sometimes-neglected aspect of Google Trends is the related keyword search terms function. These related keywords are particularly useful when you’re relatively new to a topic, and need to build a strategy around it. It’s important to remember the related keywords are also trending search terms of their own, which gives them extra weight when planning your SEO strategies.

Local Search Trends

If your business is focused on local search, or is looking to target a specific region, then the local search trends function will be essential for you. Be sure to scroll down to find these insights after searching for a keyword.

Keyword Ideas & Opportunities

Google Trends offers endless opportunities, and the “Trending Searches” section is perfect for inspiration and idea generation. Here, you have access to trending searches in the past 24 hours, but it’s worth noting that a lot of these are too short-term to be useful. Luckily, the categories option allows you to see through the clutter and identify more long-term SEO keywords for your brand.

Using Google Trends to Build Content Strategies

Trend Duration & Direction

Keyword volume trends is Google Trends’ best asset and essential for SEO, but it’s arguably even more useful for content creation. As Google continues to emphasize content, you need to be up to date with trending searches to keep your content fresh.

By analysing keyword trends, you can identify how valuable your content creation will be to your customer. In the short term, focusing on keywords that are trending up rather than those that are trending down is a clear starting point for you to create relevant content.

But it’s also essential to factor in the long-period trends when planning future content. Creating a content model built on trend research helps you make safer predictions for both content creation, and the impact of posting times.

Geographic Data for Ranking

Google Trends also allows you to identify where and when topics are popular with consumers in different regions. Depending on your business, you may want to know more about consumer preferences in different regions, or elsewhere around the world. This geographic research is vital for larger brands, and can make your content more successful with both consumers and Google alike.

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