Google Update Enhances News Results

Today Google announced there has been an update to the news search results pages. Now Google News Search results will include click-to-expand news results clusters.

These clusters expand search results to reveal photos and related stories from a variety of sources. This update gives users the choice to further their search with a click of the new ‘Show More’ link.

This update will be rolling out over the next few days and will include the expandable news clusters complete with a ‘Show More’ link, expanded multimedia, and layout enhancements to improve ease of use and readability.

Rudy Galfi, Google News product manager stated that with these updates it will be, “Much easier to scan through the search results to find just the collection of news coverage you’re looking for.”

If you looking for a more tailored news experience, Google also offers personalised news results. You can now choose to customise your news results searches to highlight your favourite sources or interests.

Covering over 50,000 news sources in many different languages Google gives you the solution to simplify your news search by automatically displaying search results that are relevant to your interests.

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